Chapter 20

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~Ty's POV~

We walked out of the restaurant

hand in hand. Nobody is going to hit on MY boyfriend.

"Where should we go now?" I asked.

"Fuck it. Let's take a road trip."


"Yeah why not?"

"Let's go pack." We ran to the truck and speed home. We'll not literally, I wasn't gonna let him get in an accident again. We got some of our clothes and other things and threw them in a bag. Now, we sat in the car. Waiting.

"Where to?"

"Wherever this road shall take us, I do not care where I go, as long as I go with you." He held a finger under my chin and looked at me with his big hazel green eyes.I smiled, a crooked smile, that was a gift for him, and meant for him only. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and turned to the road.



His hand gripped onto the wheel and we began our adventure.

~Five Hours Later~

"You know what we haven't done?" Adam asked, as we pull into a parking lot.


"We haven't told our fans yet."

"Yeah.. we haven't."

"Do you wanna make a vlog an tell them?"

"Sure. It'll be fun." I hope he doesn't sense how nervous I am.

"Ty, we don't have to, if you're not ready." Dammit.

"It's fine.." I got out my phone"You wanna do the intro?"

"Sure." I hit record.

"Hey guys! Sky here, with Deadlox! And we are on a road trip."

"We don't exactly know where we are going. Just wanted to get away from the house for a bit."

"Yep! So this is sorta an update video. We just wanted to tell you guys.. We are a couple. And if you don't believe me..."  Adam leaned over and kissed me hard. I suddenly forgot the camera was there, and kissed him back. I guess he remembered though and broke away smiling. Lucky he did, or we could spent forever just sitting there kissing. I felt my face go hot.

"Hehe, yeah. Anyways, bye guys." I said and quickly stopped the recording.

"See, that wasn't so hard." I smiled slightly,and started uploading the video. 

"There. It's up."

"Alright. Wanna get a hotel room? I'm tired."

"Yeah, sounds fun. I love hotels."

~Author's Note~

Short filler chapter. Sorry >.< Really am running out of ideas here (know as writers block). I love you guys though, and thanks for the support. I can't wait to write the hotel chapter. Hotels are fun and yeppp. :) Bai.

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