forever and always (Dean reader part 2)

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  You woke up and saw Dean sleeping soundly. He was so cute when he slept. You heard rain shooting from the sky, into the roof making a loud noises. You smelled bacon and pancakes. Sam must be up and cooking. You looked towards the nightstand, the clock said 7:00 am. You heard Sam humming Carry On My Wayward Son to himself.  
   You looked up at the ceiling, missing that moment from last night. Dean woke up and kissed you on the forehead. "Hi beautiful." said Dean smiling his sweet smile. You cuddled into his chest, he kissed your forehead. "Do I smell bacon?" He asked, smelling the bacon filled air. He looked down at you. "Yeah Sam must be cooking bacon." you started to kiss him again once more. The kiss started to get more heavy. Then you heard Sam in the doorway, holding a plate of pancakes and bacon. You stopped kissing Dean back. His back was facing Sam, he didn't know Sam was there. "What's wrong Y/N?" You Looked at Dean then Sam. He looked towards the doorway. His face was bright red. You laughed and hugged him, having the blankets cover your naked body. "Uh, Dean. I'll just put your bacon and pancakes on the table in the kitchen." He walked putting the plate on the shitty table. you kissed Dean once more, he kissed back. You pulled away from him, he had a puppy face on. "Come on, stay in bed with me beautiful." You smiled at him. 

You got up from the bed and went to go get your clothes Dean threw somewhere last night. You looked everywhere for them but couldn't find them. You saw Dean smirking in the corner of your eyes. You started to smile with him. You ran to him and tackled him. "Where are my clothes, asshole?" You said playfully. "I have them, but you have to kiss me like you mean it." You went over to his beautiful face and kissed him. He cupped your cheeks in his hands. He pulled away and got the clothes and handed them to you. "Thank you." You said, kissing him once more. You put your underwear and bra. Dean was playful and probably very horny, he unclasped your bra. You looked at him with a very sexy look. You bent down and whispered in his ear. "I promise you this Dean Winchester, we will have a little fun in the back of the impala today when Sam goes to the morgue." You saw him mouth 'yes' to your face. You put your shirt on, well it was actually Dean's shirt, the shirt had a logo on it. It was actually a band, the band on was AC/DC. You smiled when you looked at the logo. You stood up and put your shorts on. 

   You got up and saw Dean looking at your ass. You decided to get him back by taking his underwear out of his bag without him looking. You walked to the kitchen and saw Sam making more bacon. "Arn't you going to eat, Sam?" He looked from the bacon to you. "Yeah, but i figured you were hungry," he did a short pause and then blushed. "From last night with Dean." He blushed even more. You sat down at the shit colored table and began eating Dean's breakfast. You saw Dean running around the room, looking for his underwear, he was wearing his pants but no shirt. God he was so sexy. You couldn't believe god made that creature. He looked up and took a deep breath. He looked around the room and then looked up at you. You couldn't help but smile. He started to walk towards you, with a sexy smile on his face. "Where are my boxers?" said Dean out loud. Sam started to laugh. "Uh, I don't know." you said laughing. He hugged you, his hands searching your ass, he found them in your pants. "Found them." He whispered. "Alright I'm gonna go change, then i'll come and eat this bacon." He said to you, kissing you. You saw his erection through his pants, so you were obviously right about him being horny. You heard the door to the bathroom shut. 

    "Sam, are you okay?" he shook his head and then looked at you. "Huh, oh, yeah Y/N. I'm fine, i've just never seen Dean this happy, with a girl, I mean." You took a bite out of your pancake. "Dean has never been this happy with a girl before? So that means he really does love me." You blushed at the thought of him loving you. "Oh yeah, he loves you a lot. Have you never noticed the way he looks at you Y/N?" He Flipped a piece of bacon over. "Yeah but, i just thought it was just because i was a girl, he looks at every girl like that, right?" He chuckled. "No, He looks at you pretty different. He drools over you sometimes. and sometimes i hear him moaning your name in his sleep. And i have to admit you are pretty hot." Dean was right behind him when he said, he punched Sam in the face. You laughed your ass off. "Don't talk to her like that, bitch. she's mine." Sam was on the ground, clutching his jaw. You stood up and helped Sam up. Dean shutoff the stove and poured the bacon onto his plate. You went to the fridge and got an ice pack. "Dean, what the fuck was that for?" said an angry Sam. "Sorry i punched you.....Not!" Sam went to sit on another chair by Dean. You stared into Deans eyes. His eyes were so beautiful. It was like looking into a never ending forest.  


"Sam, I need you to stay here while me and Y/N go to check if anymore killing sprees have been reported.  Dean said that as an excuse to have sex with you in the car. You heard them in the bathroom, you were trying to pick the sexiest dress for Dean. You brushed your hair and teeth. You heard someone knock on the door. You opened it to find Dean, waiting for you. He saw you in your lace bra and lace underwear. He walked up to you and closed the door behind him. You started to kiss him, you knew He was going to fuck you right that and right now. You pushed him away playfully. "Not yet Dean. Remember, I promised hot sex in the impala." He laughed. He kissed you and went exited the bathroom.
   You finally chose a dress. It was black with lace at the hips. You wore your best heels to pretend you were a cop just in case there was another killing spree and you had to be one. You opened the door and saw Sam sound asleep on the bed. He was snoring quietly. He had a book about demons on his stomach.
    You heard the soft purr to the impala. Dean was in baby, you saw his beautiful outline in the window. You got your purse, and made sure there was a condom in there. "Bye Sam." You said opening the door to go to baby. Dean opened the door for you, God you loved every part of him, inside and out. Baby's radio was playing Stairway to Heaven. He has the best playlist for the impala. He smiled at you and revved the engine and went full speed out the parking lot.
    We went to a vacated lot somewhere close to the bunker. He turned into the lot and put baby in park. He looked at you and rubbed your exposed thigh. His hand went all the down to your sex. He rubbed it, you moaned quietly. He stopped and got out. You want along with him. He pulled the seats back, and got into a car. You crawled in with him.
   He lifted his head and kissed you heavily. You felt his erection rubbing your core. You heard him moan in between kisses. His fingers traced a line from your chest to your sex. His fingers flicked your clit over and over. Oh the magic he can do with his body. You moaned, getting closer to your orgasm.  "Not yet, I can tell your close Y/N." You felt a knot form in your lower abdomen. He stopped flicking it and shoved one finger in You. You arched your back when He found your sweet spot. He added another finger. You were a moaning mess. Your dress was still on but your panties were not. He knew you were close again, he took his fingers out. "I love you Dean Winchester." You said moaning.
   His hand went up from your thigh and traced your collar bone. "I love you too."  His hands went behind your back, unzipping your dress. You were in your bra only, you wore your black lace bra. 

  You reached for Dean's pants and unbuckled them, leaving him only in his Black boxers. You went up and kissed him gently. Your arms were wrapped around Dean's shoulders. His stubble was scratching your face. While was kissing you, he unclasped your bra. He kissed heavily down from your lips to your nipples. he started to flick your nipple gently with his tongue. You arched your back even more. His hands drifted down to your hips and pushed them down, to keep you still. You moaned his name over and over. 

    He stopped playing with your nipple and took off his boxers. He surprised you by ramming into you, he hit your g-spot right away.  He went faster with every thrust. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head with pleasure. You didn't want this moment to be over. You felt a tingle in your stomach telling you that you were close. He bent down and gave you love bites, you were sure that would be there tomorrow. You didn't care though. He started to moan with you. "Dean, I'm close." He looked at you, he had sweat droplets on his forehead, so did you. He kissed you more on the neck. You finally climaxed on to his hard member. He started to thrust faster, making himself climax in you. You rode out your high, and kissed Dean back harder. 

   He pulled out of you, laying beside, panting like a dog almost. 

     "I have a question, Y/N." You looked at him, his sexy face was, well, sexy. "What is it?" You heard the highway from the parking lot, all the cars passing by. "Are we a thing now?" You nodded. You were glad to be his girlfriend, glad to be his lover, glad to be his bestfriend that never leaves his side. 

Hey guys so i was wondering if you loved or like part 2 better than part 1. But do you think i should make this a series? comment below if you think so please!! Love  you guys! thanks for reading.

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