Chapter 1

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    Dipper Pines. Nephew of the great Stanley Pines, captain of the well known and feared pirate ship, the Mystery. Being related to the captain of the ship, Dipper demanded respect from the crew, being harsh to them. He was 17, along with the only person he got along with, his sister Mabel. He was extremely interested in the sea beasts rumored to haunt the depths of the sea, sighting few and coming in contact with even fewer. Contact or not, he kept a journal noting these creatures. 

    Despite his harsh nature, Dipper had a soft side, but the only one who had even seen it was Mabel; not his parents, who had died a few years ago, not Stan, not anybody. Of course their parents handed the twins down to Stan not knowing he was a pirate; they and the entire family thought he was an overseas good trader. 

    Dipper was currently standing on deck, watching the sea and spotting storm clouds on the horizon. He smiled at that; he loved storms. (Fun Fact of the Chapter: BD4L (BillDipFourLife... me) loves storms too!) The crew behind him worked away, mopping the deck and other daily chores Dipper forced them to do. 

    Mabel stood aside and watched her brother snapping orders to the crew, knowing he had to put up the tough act; the life of a pirate wasn't easy. Soon she walked away deeper into the ship, probably to her room. 

    A while later, Dipper leaned against the rails and closed his eyes. The rocking of the ship and the sun's rays on his face slowly started to lull him to sleep. Before he could let sleep consume him there was commotion from the other side of the deck, making Dipper snap his eyes open and slowly head over there. He heard soft singing and the crew froze around whatever they were crowding around. Dipper too felt dazed by the sound, but knew exactly what it was and thought, I have to stay alive for Mabel. That broke the trance and Dipper continued to walk, pushing aside the crew mates that stood there. 

    In front of him on the deck lay a siren, one with dark tanned skin and a yellow tail, black triangles lacing his shoulders and back. His soaked hair was blonde, with shining golden eyes. A necklace was loosely around his neck and fangs slightly poked out from his mouth, and when he spotted Dipper he bared them and hissed, attempting to get back into the water. Unfortunately he was tangled up in a fishing net, and as he stopped singing the crew members broke from the trance as raced to the creature, tangling the arms up in the net. He started singing again, and a few pirates fell into the trance again. Dipper didn't though, taking a cloth and sneaking up behind the creature. By the time he noticed the teenager, he already had a cloth tied around his mouth, stopping him from singing. 

    "Let me go, you useless humans!" the siren's voice was muffled, but audible. "Shut it." snapped Dipper. "What should we do with him sir?" asked a crew mate. 

    Dipper look down at the siren, the two meeting eyes. The pirate grinned evilly, and he chuckled slightly at the look of fear that flashed in the golden depths of his eyes. 

    "I have a few ideas..." 

Guess who he is? Bet ya can't, it's SOOOO HARD! So one hell of a first chapter, in my POV. I will be adding in a Fun Fact about BD4L every chapter, cause I feel like yall peoples need to know me better. IDK bout you but it's important to me. PEACE!                 

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