The REAL Plan

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"Why can't you guys leave her alone?"

"We don't have to answer to a wolf."

"You do when you keep bothering my girlfriend."

"She would make an excellent skinwalker."

"Why isn't she healing?" Scott helps Kira hold pressure on her wound

"Because she is transforming." Theo answers.

"You crossed them" Kira says in between breaths

"Of course I did I don't trust them or like them."

"Theo I will..."

"Scott no." Kira holds on to Scott

"He crossed us."

"No he crossed them."

The skinwalkers growl "What is she talking about?"

"I would like to know too." Liam rolls his eyes

"I put a poison only lethal to sand creatures on my hands so when they held on to our hands it got in and I shook hands with all of them for the deal just to make the poison work faster."

The skinwalkers lose their balance falling "You will pay."

"I'll give you the antidote, if you promise to heal and then leave Kira alone."

"Never, she is ours."

"Okay I don't care about either of your lives considering Kira isn't anything to me."

"Okay okay fine we will heal her." The leader of the skinwalkers says

"Do it first then I'll heal you."

"We don't trust you."

"What about trusting the great Scott McCall?"

"Mmm he looks honest okay."

"Alright Scotty here's the antidote." Theo hands Scott a test tube of some blue liquid

"Theo how do you carry all these poisons inconspicuously?" Scott questions.

"No more questions. Now how do I heal her?"

"Grab the brown powder and the pelt and place it over her wound. It may sting a little."

Kira sighs "Great as if the wound didn't hurt enough."

Theo grabs the stuff and walks over to her "No complaining either just no talking from you people."

"You talk all the time and you can't tell me what to do."

Theo throws the powder onto Kira's wound during her rant "Yeah yeah."

"Ouch." Kira smacks Theo with her available hand.

"Scotty gets a nice hand holding session and I get a smack?"

"Do you want another one? Help me up."

Theo helps her up "You are so annoying."

"So are you and everyone agrees with me on that one."

"Yeah." Liam laughs

" That's true, you are annoying. Now give us what you promised." The skinwalkers demand

"Alright everyone get together so we can leave as soon as I give them this antidote."

Liam grabs the greenpowder and stands with Theo and Kira. Scott quickly gives the skinwalkers theantidote and joins his friends and then Liam drops the powder and they are outof the skinwalkers' lair


Sorry for the short chapter homework burnt me out. I will hopefully have another update Thursday or Friday. Thanks for the votes and comments and messages :)

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