When Are You Going To Learn?

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~ C Report ~ (see what i did there... so freaking genius ;))


I looked around at the room of boys that I'd slowly begun to recognize as family. It'd of course been Gabriel who I'd sought out in the beginning, but anyone with a brain could tell these boys were a package deal. I hadn't complained. When I found them they were broken, shattered, all over the place and nowhere at all.

Little did I know all of that had come from one little blonde girl with sad eyes. I hadn't understood the dynamics of the relationship, but as we helped each other out of the ditch of despair I'd figured it out. She hadn't just been some girl down the road, she'd been everything to them.

I tilted my head and looked over at Kota, raising an eyebrow to suggest he get a move on. From the little things I'd picked up from the girl- Sang, I knew she was the one who'd broken their hearts.

What I didn't understand, is why she looked at them as if she'd never seen them in her life, why they played along with it, and what the hell that meant for me. I hadn't been staying here long, but this was my home now, and I wasn't about to let some girl from their past push me out because she was jealous.

Kota cleared his throat and unfolded the letter.

"I am sorry. There's so much to apologize for an not enough paper. Well that and she's too nosey for her own good and has probably read this by the time you get it. You need to know he's back, and he's on her tail.

"That's all the letter Doctor Roberts wrote says," his voice was unbearably formal, distant- so much like Owen and at the same time I knew it was just him protecting himself.

The boys exploded, Gabriel leaned over me to look at Kota. He slapped his hands on the table so hard I flinched back.

"What the fuck do you mean he's back? Isn't that the goddamn reason we fucking let her go?" his face was red and I could tell there were tears lurking behind his blue eyes.

I swallowed back anything I'd been thinking about the girl instantly. This was more complicated than I'd ever imagined, even when I'd seen her swollen belly. I pressed a hand over Gabriel's and his eyes flashed over to mine. He didn't calm down but his face did soften a little.

North pushed back from the table and his chair spilled onto the ground, he kept unclenching and clenching his fists. The other boys were having similar reactions, but what pissed me off the most is Mr. Blackbourne. He looked defeated, like everything he'd done in life was for nothing, like he'd failed the world.

I locked my jaw and stood up, putting my fingers in my mouth to blow a piercing whistle, cutting off all conversation and making several glares turn my way.

"How about you idiots shut up, and start from the beginning."

North turned to me, "Don't you fucking dare-"

Gabriel stood up as well, his chair flew back almost as forcefully as North's had, he cut North off with a low growl, "Watch it, fucker. She's-"

North waved him off, seeming to get his temper under control, "Right, fuck. I know Gabriel, I know." he turned to me and let his hands fall, "Sorry Clementine, but this whole situation is fucked. And-" he looked at them all, not only is he back but she's..well you all saw. She's pregnant. 7 months."

The was a slight pause in the room as everyone soaked it in, Kota cleared his throat, "It's ours. It's one of ours."

I sighed and rubbed my face, "The beginning. Start at the beginning."

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