♪ Chapter 9

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C H A P T E R 9

Caleb's cute side became unmissable during my second year at Camp. He was adorable, Shaleb was adorable... Unfortunately a colab between the camp's three most dramatic girls was not adorable at all.

"Whoever is knocking on the door, I am going to rip you apart!" I heard Jessica screech. I jumped up in my bed, wide eyed and alarmed.

"What the hell?" I spluttered, and Shannon rubbed her eyes. Jessica had rolled out of her bed, and stormed over to the door, yanking it open. 

"What?" She screamed at the grinning Caleb, who was standing at the door holding handpicked daisies and primroses.

"Good morning beautiful ladies!" He smiled warmly, we all glared at him.

"Stop looking at me like that, I was being spontaneous." He argued, and I rolled my eyes. 

"Those better not be for me," I sighed, gesturing to the flowers, "I've hay-fever." Caleb rolled his eyes at me, tutting. He made his way around an angry Keara and over to me so that he could poke me on the head.

"They're not for you, they're for her." He turned his back to me, and smiled at the two other girls who had their mouths wide open.

"Wait, this seriously has to be Shannon." Jessica muttered sitting back onto her bed.

"They're hardly for you Jessica, no offense."

"They're tacky anyway."

Shannon eyed him, still in disbelief. "What the hell Caleb?"

He smirked slightly, and handed her the flowers which she took hesitantly. "Get dressed, something casual-ish. Meet me at the deck in ten minutes."

He smirked again, and walked out of the cabin leaving a stunned Shannon lost for words. I covered my smile with my fist, and bit down to prevent the girlish squeal. Shannon glanced at me, uttering nonsense.

"Shut up and get dressed dude!" I yelled, and Jessica snorted.

"I don't get what's going on." She whispered.

"Nothing's going on yet, but there hopefully will be when you get back." I muttered, and pushed her into the bathroom. "Wash, brush, mouthwash, straighten, dress!"

"You're so bossy!"

"Don't sass me!"

"You two are so weird."

Shannon closed the door after her, and I took a the opportunity to let out my squeal. Jessica rolled her eyes at me and she flopped down onto her bed. "I'm going back to sleep, I need the energy to deal with Keara today." She informed me.

"How can you go back to sleep at a time like this?" 

"I thought you weren't girly." She teased from her position. I frowned and threw a pillow at her.

"I'm not being girly! I'm being an awesome person." 

Shannon finally came out of the bathroom after quick five minute scrub up session. "I still don't get what's going on." She muttered, causing Jessica and I to simultaneously roll our eyes. And they make me out to be the dumb one? 

Once Shannon was ready, with the flowers in her hand, she made her way out of the cabin and down the path towards the deck. I watched her go, as if I was a mother sending her child off to their first day at school. Once she was out of site, I looked around me and contemplated what I should do. I knew it was pointless to go back to bed and try to sleep after the excitement that morning, so instead I got changed and made my way out of my cabin and toward's Kelly's. 

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