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Could you guys do me a favor and listen to the hamilton soundtrack? Thanks cause its really good. I am Thomas Jefferson. TIME FOR THE CHAPTER.

After seeing Piper finish her questioning it was his turn to question Sammy.

"When were you first seperated from your brother?" Jason asked.

"When I was two years old," Sammy replied.

"Now, how did you know you had this brother if you were two and not old enough to remember anything when you were seperated?" Jason asked.

"I took a DNA test when I was 22, found out I had a brother, searched him up and saw he had a much better life than me," Sammy said.

"In what ways did he have the better life?" Jason asked.

"His adoptive family didn't abuse him, his friends didn't shove tequila down his throat until it burned, his best friend never killed his fiancé, he doesn't have these," he turned his wrists to show the scars.

Jason felt pity for Sammy. He sensed everyone else in the court did too, but Jason dealt with this before, he had to take Sammy down.

For Piper.

"And why do you feel that you needed to perform such gruesome deeds to Mr. Valdez and his aquaintences?" Jason said.

"I did not perform such gruesome deeds to Mr. Valdez and his aquaintences," Sammy said, "I know how you lawyers work, and I will not admit to doing something that I didn't do."

Sammy was good, too good.

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