Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 

Harry came over to my house every day of the summer and Ron and Hermione came by too. Ron just about had a heart attack seeing how many Wizard cards that I have and I never even looked at them. I shrugged at this. I also came across another thing I'm addicted to: Chicken flavored ramen. That's all I've been eating this summer: ramen and Chocolate Frogs. Uncle Moony says it's not healthy for me and has been making me eat veggie-tables, fruit, and meat. Anyways, Harry seems to be having a horrible summer with Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and our stupid oaf of a cousin, Dudley. "Shall we go set off Dungbombs on their front porch or do you think it'd make things worse for you?" I asked him one day. We're in my bedroom and Ron is here too.

"Well, I don't see how it could make anything worse because you did warn them." Harry said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, so let's do it!" Ron said grinning.

"I don't think you're ready for this kind of thing, Ron." I said grinning. Harry laughed as Ron glared at me. I giggled. "I'm just kidding. Let's go!" They nodded. We got up and went out of the house with me yelling, "We're going to set off some Dungbombs at Harry and I's aunt and uncle's house!"

"Okay!" Uncle Moony's voice called back.

"That guy is awesome!" Ron said grinning as we walked down the alleyway between Wisteria Walk and Magnolia Crescent. It was a shortcut to Little Whinging.

"I know right?" I said grinning too. "He used to prank people when he went to Hogwarts with our dad and some other people."

"Like Fred and George?"

"Sort of..." I said not really wanting to talk about it. Harry didn't seem to either. Ron noticed this and changed the subject.

"So, um, where do your aunt and uncle live exactly?" I grinned as Harry and I pointed to Number 4, Private Drive. I pulled out some Dungbombs from my pocket and we sneaked up the porch making sure to be absolutely quiet and rolled them on the porch and they stopped at the door and then the three of us took off like prisoners that just escaped Azkaban. Yeah, I don't know where that analogy came from. I didn't even know I knew what an analogy was. Wow, I'm awesome!

"Did they even believe me when I warned them?" I asked Harry.

"Apparently not."

"Or they forgot?" Ron asked. We shrugged.

"It's possible, but I know Dudley hasn't forgotten or he'd have done something to Harry wouldn't he?" I said to no one in particular. Harry nodded grinning. We made it back to my house by three in the afternoon because we stopped at the park and hung out there for a bit. "You'll have to tell me what happens after they find the Dungbombs tomorrow if they don't blame you for it and if they do, tell them it was all me and if they still don't believe you, then I'll come over and tell them myself."

"How will you know if they don't believe him?" Ron asked.

"Well, I bet they wouldn't let him come over to my house would they?" Harry nodded.

"Yeah they wouldn't let me."

"So if you don't come over, then I'll know they won't believe you." He grinned.

"They won't like that."

"Well tough potions." I said grinning. They looked at me like I grew another head. I shrugged. They shook their heads. Ron went home an hour later and Harry was going to head back home before dinner.

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