Chapter Seventeen

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Cameron's POV
My phone loudly rung in my ear causing me to wake up. What could possibly be more important at the moment than my beauty sleep? I sat up and turned on the lamp before reaching for my phone and groaning.
"Hello?" I asked in my raspy sleep voice.

"Sweety, you have to get here quick I-it's Sierra and Brent", my mom answered the phone and broke down at the end of her sentence.

I quickly sat up and jumped out of bed before asking,"What's wrong?" And pacing around the hotel room.

"S-someone broke into they're house and they were found with severe injures. Sierra is in a coma and Brent is on life support-" I cut of my mom who was now crying and said,"I'm on my way!"

"What's wrong?" Cara asked while slowly sitting up. "Your aunt and technically uncle are in the hospital because someone broke into their house. Aunt Sierra is in a coma and Brent is on life support", I said while struggling to keep back the tears.

She started breathing hard and then ran out the door after saying, "I need some air."

I turned on the tv because I knew she would come back in at least 10 minutes, this happens all the time. When I called after five minutes because we needed to leave, she didn't answer but I told my self not to worry.

I was sitting down and putting on my shoes when the news lady started speaking.

"The real parents of web star famous Cameron Dallas's adopted daughter have escaped jail last night."

My heart started to pound and I grabbed my keys before calling Cara almost a thousand times. I gave up and stopped the car to text her.

Your parents broke out of jail last night.

After two minutes, I saw that she read it and my heart calmed down when she called me. In the background I heard a car skid, lots of footsteps, and then Cara's voice being muffled. Then a familiar voice spoke up and my heart stopped beating as I called Cara's name.

"You thought you could escape us, eh?" I remember that voice from when I visited them in jail. How did her parents find her that fast?

"Oh look at this nice phone she's got. Well you don't deserve it so your jolly sister here is gonna deal with that", her dads Scottish accent rung through the phone.

I guess they didn't notice that I was still on the phone because I heard it shatter. "Pass it here, will ya now?" Her mom demanded. "Today we are gonna be nice enough and let you keep a souvenir of your little vacation".

The tears were now streaming down my face at the thought of everything they could do to her. I heard a door being slammed and then Cara crying. It was quieter now and there was the sound of bumps. She couldn't hear me as loud as I yelled and eventually I figured she was in the back of a car. It's scary how your life could turn around in a matter of hours.
Cara's POV
I was no longer scared of what they are capable of because Cameron taught me not to fear my biggest problems. What I was scared of was Cameron not being able to find me wherever they're taking me. And my older sister who is like the both of them combined is here to make it worse. I've never talked about Ariana because she is supposed to be my past. I saw wiping my tears when I noticed something glowing in the corner. I crawled but could find my way to it with the bag over my head. There wasn't any point anyways so I just continued to hopelessly cry out.
In the front they were discussing where to take me but I blurred out everything at the moment. After a while, I passed out from crying too much and waking up so early.
Cameron's POV
I contacted the police and they couldn't track the phone. Everyone who were back at the hotel were all searching around in their cars, and Jack & Jack were on their way here. It's all my fault. It's all my fault. I sat in my car repeatedly saying that and remembering to her cries on the phone.
*the next day*
I was in the drivers seat still parked in front of the station waiting for good news. Everyone was still looking around but I wasn't focused enough to drive. I just stared at my screensaver of Cara and me, incapable of crying any longer. It's like she brought out this emotional side that I've never shown anyone before. The time read 10:00 but that didn't faze me. My phone started ringing and I saw it was the station. I struggled to answer the phone and rushed a bunch of questions once I did. "Sir I'm happy to say that we have traced the phone and found where she is. Somewhere around 2:00am, people in the background mentioned where they were taking her and we think that she is being held hostage there but aren't sure", the officer said with a sketchy voice and I barged into the station. "I'm coming with you guys and don't try to argue", I said in an over excited voice. The officer opened his mouth but closed it before signaling for me to follow him. We got inside of a undercover police car along with many other police men/ women. Throughout the drive, I called everyone and told them what was happening because it was an hour drive but felt like a lifetime.
Cara's POV
I woke up and jumped out of the hotel bed once I saw arms wrapped securely around me. I started running but tripped over someone's shoes. The tears just started to flow again at the thought of everything that has previously happened. I was too scared to turn my head and see who was there, but then noticed that I was asleep in a hotel bed. My hotel bed? I thought I was kidnapped by my 'real' parents? Where did they take me? So many questions were going through my head leading to scenarios. I started to cry harder then heard fast shuffling behind me. When I struggled to get up, I felt the same arms wrap around me from behind and they were tanned.
Just as I saw gonna push them away, they whispered, "'s okay it's me Jack. Your okay now". Once I recognized his voice, I calmed down and felt myself being lifted off the floor. 'It was probably just a bad dream' I kept repeating to myself. But then what would he be doing here? Jack pulled me to his chest and lightly rocked me. The only other person who could make me feel secure was Cameron.
"W-what are y-you doing here?" I questioned while pulling away a little to look at his face.
He looked down at me and said,"I came as soon as I found out you were-" I cut him off and replied.
"W-wait, that wasn't a-a dream ?" He stared at me with creased eyebrows before slowly shaking his head.
Then that means Aunt Sierra is actually in the hospital.... I couldn't even picture how Cameron is feeling right now. I'm so selfish and it's all my fault this happened.
"Where's Cameron?" I asked while rushing to pack everything but the door opened and he came running in.
Before I could even question why,he tackled me down and buried me in kisses all over my face. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you", he kept on repeating while I struggled to get up.
The things he does are just insane but funny. When I finally got out of his grip, I started to walk to my luggage and he sat up. Before I could even take two steps, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him and kissed my forehead softly.
While hugging me he repeated in a more serious tone this time,"I love you".
"I love you too but we need to get to Sierra and Brent", I said in a rushed tone and he finally let go and started to pack too.
When we arrived in the airport, he hugged me one last time before we said our goodbyes. I was struggling to stay strong for Cameron because of everything, literally. But he needed me and was no longer happy after seeing me.
*Plane landing*
I spent the whole plane ride either fidgeting with my bracelet, or staring out the window to dispatch me from breaking down.
*drive to the hospital*
"I know your not okay but we'll deal with that later. Just remember it's okay not to be okay", I felt Cameron's hot breath against my ear as I stared out the window. I laughed and he did too because he knew that it tickled me and that's why he does it.
He side hugged me as we walked into the hospital building. Grandma Gina called earlier and said that Brent was now breathing on his own. I ran up to her the second I saw her and we hugged really tight.
"I thought I would never see you again after what happened", she said and started to tear up.
I wiped the tear that fell and replied in a hushed tone, "Cameron saved me in so many ways and doesn't even know it". When I turned around, he was biting on his bracelet and watching Sierra and Brent through the door window.
I walked up to him and grabbed his hand, standing beside him and watching too. He looked down at me with sad eyes.
I pulled up both our sleeves and said, "God has a plan". But when I looked up he wasn't looking at me anymore. I followed where his eyes were going and saw the doctors rushing around in there.
Eventually they stopped and I saw Aunt Sierra staring directly at me and Cameron. His eyes lit up and he repeated/mouthed my words without looking away from Sierra,"God.....has a plan....".
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