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Shizaya: Who's That?

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It's been a while since I made a story. Sorry, remember I told you that I was on a short vacation? I hope you guys will like this part of my fanfiction than the one before. If you want to ask me for yaoi, it'll come soon, so be patient. Anyways enjoy~


To Shinjuku.....

Izaya was skipping while walking side by side Shizuo. He was really annoyed and embarrassed, but what else can he do? Walk around Shinjuku with only a little imformation about this place. Izaya led him to his home. Shizuo only went to Izaya's place rarely (when he wants to fight), and never cared to see the raven's house. Izaya walked into the elevator to his room with Shizuo following him awkwardly. Once they arrived, Izaya knocked on the door. A person with black hair opened it. She looked just like Izaya, but wasn't. Shizuo walked in front of Izaya and asked the girl," Do you live here?" Izaya tried not to laugh, but made a little chuckle. It was an obvious answer of course, she lives here. The girl nodded then asked Shizuo," Do I know you? Why are you here? Did I do something bad?" Izaya smirked then walked into the room without asking permission. She was now confused and yelled a bit loud so the two can here," Who are you!?" Izaya and shizuo looked at her and Izaya replied," I'll tell you as long as you'll be quiet and let us stay here." The two were lucky since this girl was a bit stupid. She nodded and walked to a chair and sat down. Izaya could see she was puzzled about their arrival and wasn't scared.

Shizuo closed the door and they both went to the couch to sit down. There was only a couch left, so Izaya and Shizuo had to sit near each other while the girl sits on a small cusion chair on the opposite side of them from the cofee table. Shizuo glared at Izaya trying to ask," What should we do now?" Izaya smirked and told the girl," My name is Izaya Orihara and this is Shizuo Heiwajima-" He was cut off by the girl yelling," Wait! What!? You're Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima!? You got to be kinding! Are you guys trying to trick me?! It's an anime character! Are you sure you're them? You're wearing their clothes. Maybe you are, but I can't guarrenty!" Izaya was now wondering what she was saying about them being "anime" characters. Shizuo, on the other hand, was now angry and asked her with a harsh voice," What do you mean we're fuckin' anime characters!?" She went into her bedroom and returned to the guest room with an anime dvd called Durarara!! Izaya and Shizuo sat on the couch watching it while the girl made dinner. Shizuo kept on replaying the part when the trash bin hit Izaya, so he had to take the remote away from Shizuo and place it far away from him.

13 hours passed....

They were finished. finally done with all of the episodes. The girl yawned and remembered something important. She shouted a bit loud (5 AM right now)," I forgot to tell you guys my name! I'm Kanra Misako." Izaya smirked and said," Hi Ka-chan~" Shizuo ignored Izaya's tone and also said hi. Kanra smiled and asked," How long are you going to stay here?" Shizuo answered," We're going to leave now. So bye." Izaya moaned," Aww, Shizu-chan~ I want to stay in 'my' room for awhile!" Shizuo was about to snap, but didn't, he just dragged the raven out and slammed the door behind him. Kanra sighed with relief that the guest left since she doesn't know what to talk about. When Shizuo and izaya were walking along the streets of Shinjuku, they both thought of there next place to go. Izaya tapped Shizuo on the shoulder and he immediately turned.

Izaya's POV....

I felt a chill up my spine and knew it was a very bad idea to talk to him right now. I guess he was trying to think of a place or something. I asked him without hesitation in my voice," How about going to the yellow scarf warehouse?" Shizu-chan's bad aura disappeared and then he smiled a bit which made me surprise. We went to the warehouse and it was emptied....Suddenly! A whole group of tall strangers appeared and the one who looked like their leaders shouted or can I say asked," Who are you two?" The one next to the leader laughed and shouted," Maybe butler guy and shorty wants to fight!" Everybody in the gang laughed and the leader asked," It'll take a whole 3 years to beat us! Now get out of here!!!" Shizu-chan snapped! He loooked for the closest object that was heavy and threw it at the boss. He got hit by a crate (😋 I ❤️ it when he throws stuff )!!! The leader fell down and the person next to him tried to help him while the others charged at Shizu-chan and me. We quickly beat them up and Shizu-chan walked to the leader which was trying to get up and run, but was fell. I thought it was funny looking at him trying to stand up on his feet with his eyes on Shizu-chan.

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