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Dasanii POV

I woke up and looked over at the clock it was 3am and I needed to get up for work. I looked to my left and Yg was sound asleep. I got up and went into the bathroom I was still tired as ever I turned the shower to the temperature that satisfied me and stepped in .

I lathered my rag with dove soap and begin to wash my ass 30 mins I was out getting dressed

"Keenon"I tapped him lightly Tryna wake him up he turned his head

"Boy don't play with me I'm Tryna ask you something"I added

"What sanii! I'm tired"

"You ain't did shit but nevermind" I stomped over to my closet pulling my danskos out and put them on

"What is it baby?"

"Nun nevermind"

He got up going into the bathroom, I grabbed my things and headed down stairs and when I walked in the living room I was done I couldn't even talk . Shit was still all over the place he ain't clean up shit Fuck was he even doing lastnight

I cleaned up, late for work I rushed, I got there just in time and attitude was all over my face

"I clocked you in , what's the matter with you?"Dee Dee asked

"You know you can get in trouble for that thanks"

"You're welcome but answer my question , it's keenon ain't it"

"When is it never him , Dee he's lazy as shit I'm not gon keep cleaning up after this boy or his friends"

She gave me a bitch you lying face

"Now you know you gon be forever cleaning that boys mess you spoiled him sanii"

She was right I let keenon get away with murder and now it's finally back firing I am not his Fucking maid.

"I know I should have left it there this morning and put my foot down"

"Mhmmm whatever "we laughed"come on our shift is starting

The day was moving so slow mostly cause the patients were getting better. My feet started barking I don't know why I ain't put on sneakers.

I was making my rounds when someone bumped into me making me spill the whole tray of pills on the floor making them scatter all over the floor

I sighed and got down and started picking them up , I didn't even notice the person got on the floor with me and helped until he spoke

"I'm so so so sorry ms"

I looked up and seen this beautiful man , he had dreads nice neat and long, with hazel eyes that complimented his milk chocolate skin . His face structure was beautiful you could tell he works out by the way his body is sculpted in his uniform I instantly felt guilty gawking over this sexy sexy man

He helped me up off the floor

"Aye I'm sorry about that"

"It's okay Mr ?"

"My name Hope sanders you?"

"Dasanii Dior"

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl"

"Thanks"I blushed

"Umm well I'm a new nurse here , I don't know the place that well you mind having lunch with me"

"Wow a date already, tssk bitch he dont want you"I thought

I have Yg my eyes are only set on him so having lunch with this man not gon hurt we only co workers

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