"Umm yea me and my best friend always have lunch in the cafeteria , you can join us"

"Great I'll meet y'all down there"

"Okay see Ya later"

I walked away but I felt him staring at me so I put a lil stank in my walk "bitch what are you doing! Yg would kill you and him"I thought I put a pep in my step and went to go get new pills


It was lunch time and me and Dee Dee was on our way to the cafeteria

"So who we having lunch with?"she asked


"You know I don't get along with females"

"Hope is a man he's a new nurse here , I'm surprised you ain't know"

Dee Dee gets the tea in here before everybody she knows who's Fucking sleeping eating and cheating

"Ohhh that sexy man with the dreads his name hope?"


"Wait he asked you out for lunch?"

"He didn't ask me out we just having lunch in the cafeteria chill"I smiled

"Oooooooooool, somebody crushing"

I laughed

"I am not I just like what I see and plus I have a man ! So ima throw the op with you"

She sucked her teeth

"You know I'm with Ace"

When is she gon realize ace don't want her

"Dee we talked about this , you gotta stop seeing him"

"Sanii I know what we got right now and it's only for right now he said. I see potential in him"

I'm gon leave the conversation alone sometimes people gotta get knocked on their ass to see the light

We walked in and spotted hope we made eye contact and I waved him over

"Hey"he said smiling showing them pearly whites

"Hey this is my friend Dee Dee "

"Bestfriend "Dee said shaking his hand

"Nice to meet you , can we eat Now a nigga starving"

We walked and got our food I got my usual , hope got a cheese steak and Dee got a salad now when does this bitch ever get a salad she not fooling nobody We sat at our usual spot by the window

"So where you from hope ?"I asked

"I'm from Jacksonville, Mississippi moved here to cali for an scholarship I guess I didn't want to leave"

"I would do anything to get outta compton"Dee said

"Oh so you not a piru baby nomo"I gave her a sly look and laughed she is so full of it

"DaSanni your eyes are memorizing never have I seen a black girl with blue eyes , they contacts?"

"No I was born this way unfortunately"


"Yea black girl with blue eyes she's a witch"I laughed

"I loved my witch baby since I met her"Dee added "I be back I'm gon go get me a slice of pizza"

I laughed she gave me this look see me and Dee got this Mental telepathy thing going it's where the process of transferring thoughts from one mind to another, has traditionally occupied the realms of either science fiction or the paranormal, both of which are outside of mainstream science.

I know she was telling me to shut the Fuck up in her head , She thought she was fooling somebody getting a salad knowing Damn well we don't eat salad

My phone bleeped with a text it was from keenon

Bae:you couldn't kiss me and tell me you love me before leaving this morning"

I know he not serious if he really cared he would have called me on my way to work but you wait until hours to text me this bull crap please Fuck off

I didn't even respond I just left the message open so he can see I read it . I am not for his shit today

Lunch was over , we went back to finish our shifts I get off at 7 today thank god , I finished my rounds and when 7 came around I grabbed my things and left I stopped by checkers and got me a meal I was not cooking tonight

I walked in the house weed hit me right in my face. I sighed , I know he got all his dirty dick ass friends in here . I walked in the living room to see 3 girls and keenon, slim and Ace smoking giggling having a good time , it was a mess trash was back on the table and floors how can bitches sit in mess.

I cleared my throat and everybody looked at me , my eyes were on keenon cause first off why do he got these bitches in our house and why is it 3 of them and only 2 of y'all Niggas single and then y'all not acknowledging my presence

"What the Fuck is this"I said point to the trash and the girls that were sitting on the couch

"Hey sanii"slim spoke I waved

"Wssp we just chilling "Yg said without even looking at me

I looked over in the bitches directions

"So y'all don't have no Manners , y'all bitches gon sit on my couch and not speak"

Keenon POV

"Ayo chill with all that sanii"I said getting up "Fuck is you coming in here drawlin for"

" you know what I'm not even bouta do this shit witchu right here" she walked out and went upstairs

Slim started laughing

"Fuck is so funny"

"Y'all bitches started folding" ace joined him laughing at the girls

I got irritated. Sanii came in here drawlin for no reason, first this morning and then now she getting on my Fucking nerves

I love my girl with all my heart , I don't got eyes for none of these hoes I ain't gon lie I did my fuck boy shit but she don't know about it , I never let that shit get back to home but that was a long time ago I'm done with that sanii the only girl I need and love. I wouldn't ever jeopardize our relationship with any of these hoes

All these hoes just wanted my money but sanii got her own my baby barely ask me for shit and even though I don't want her paying bills she pay the water thats it and it's only cause she begged me , She not like these others hoes out here that just want to sit on her ass she got goals and I'm infatuated with the fact that no matter how hard life knocks her down She still gets up and go for hers . She's my strength my ROD ! And soon she gon get this ring.

"Y'all got to go"I said

"Mhmm nigga I know what you bouta go do you bouta go kiss ass"ace said

"Shut the Fuck up nigga get out"

"Fuck you nigga I'll hit you up tomorrow "

"Don't I got shit to do"

"Whatever nigga "

I dapped them up and they left with the girls. I got all the trash and shit up , wiped the table fixed the couch cushion spread them with Lysol and vacuumed the floor I locked the door and went upstairs

Sanii was sleep I didn't want to wake her cause I knew she was tired I'll just talk to her when she wakes up. I got in the bed and pulled her body close to me , I snuggled up under her and went to sleep


Is y'all liking it so far ?



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