Chapter 7: Subduing the Wolf

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THE NIGHT WAS PLEASANT, and the wine combined with my exhaustion should have rendered me utterly insensible until morning. Instead, I jerked awake in the small hours, the dregs of a half-forgotten dream lying bitter on the back of my tongue. The fire had burned down to glowing coals, casting a faint orange light over the figures across from me. A low sound—almost a snarl—prickled the hair at the back of my neck, and I sat up slowly.

"Not tonight, my friend," Andoc said. "I do not give you leave to change."

The warrior was bare-chested, propped up on one arm so he could look down at Senovo's huddled form next to him.

"I can't stop it," Senovo said, and he did, indeed, sound terrified at the prospect of freeing the animal caged within himself.

"I'm not giving you a choice in the matter, amadi," Andoc said, and my chest constricted at the endearment. "You will not hunt tonight."

The rumbling growl came again. I caught my breath in shock as Senovo surged up, his hands reaching for Andoc's face and throat like claws. The warrior batted them away, seemingly without effort. There was a quick twist of bodies that I couldn't quite follow in the low light, and then he was straddling Senovo's hips, one hand pinning the priest's wrists over his head, and the other pressing against his vulnerable neck.

"Yield, my friend," Andoc said, not even out of breath as Senovo strained against him. "I told you before, you get no choice in this tonight."

After a tense moment that had me holding my breath, Senovo... melted; there was no other word for it. All the tension flowed from his muscles. His head tilted back, baring his throat to Andoc's callused hand like an offering.

"There you are, dear one. That's better, isn't it?" Andoc said, a soft smile crossing his face. The hands pinning Senovo loosened their grip, becoming a caress, and the priest arched into the contact with a soft noise of surrender. My eyes were drawn of their own volition to the outline of Andoc's stiff prick, tenting the soft leather of his breeches as Senovo's torso twisted beneath him restlessly. A flood of wetness pulsed between my own legs at the sight. When I dragged my eyes back up to Andoc's face, he was looking at me with one side of his mouth quirked up in half a smile.

"Carivel is awake, amadi," he said, leaning close to Senovo's ear. "She's watching you yield to me. I think she likes what she sees."

Senovo and I shivered in reaction to the words at the same time, and the sound that the eunuch made was almost a whine.

"Shh," Andoc said. "There's plenty of time for all that later." His eyes flicked to mine briefly as he spoke. "Tonight, we sleep."

The flesh between my thighs was throbbing as I watched Senovo nuzzle into Andoc's side, the warrior easing himself back down into his sleeping roll with an arm draped possessively around his friend. If I'd been a man in body as well as mind, my cock would have been hard enough to pound stone at the sight. I silently lowered myself back down into my own nest of blankets, unable to keep from rocking the heel of my hand against the crotch of my breeches to try to ease the pressure.

It was a testament to my own exhaustion that I fell asleep again a few minutes later, the scene between the two of them playing over in my mind, following me down into dreams.

* * *

The following morning should have been awkward. Instead, Senovo awoke with a groan, stretching—looking more rested than I'd seen him since the attack. Seeming to remember the events of the night, he froze, looking at me.

"All right?" he asked, watching me with what might have been nervousness.

I nodded. "You?" I asked.

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