Chapter 8

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Since I got some nice comment asking me too update I will! So here ya guys go! Sorry for not updating sooner, I've had a lot of shit go on for the last couple of months, but that's over and done with and possibly more updates so yea! Enjoy the new chapter!!

It had been about three days, and the only time I left my bed was to get food, or go to the bathroom. Tanya came in with the phone on her shoulder, "Jules, it's your mom." I almost screamed, I ran up to her and thanked her for the phone. "MOM! Oh my gosh, it's amazing to hear from you! Is everyone ok? Please tell me everyone's ok!" I said as I started to pant from lack of air. "Jules, calm down. Everyone's fine, the tracker caught on that we were misleading him and he found Bella real scent. I'm coming to get you, so get your stuff ready! I love you and can't wait to see you!" I mumbled an ' I love you too.' into the phone, we said our goodbyes and I started getting my stuff pack up.

About a half an hour later mom pulled up the driveway in Carlisle's car, I hugged Tanya, Carmen, Irina, Kate, then Eleazar. I thanked them for letting me stay with them, they told me that they enjoyed my company. They walked me over to my moms car where I automatically jumped in and tackled my mom with a hug. She automatically hugged me back, "hey Jules! Were you good for Eleazar and Carmen?" mom questioned me, "yes I was! I'm always good!" I say just like my dad would. "Rose? Can we speak to you outside the car for a moment?" Carmen asks, mom looks to me, "go I'll be fine!" I smile, I know that they are going to tell her that I barely came out of the bedroom. I read their minds prior to this, and I heard them tell her that I didn't talk a lot that I wasn't "The Regular Jules." Mom nodded her head and politely told them that we needed to get back to Forks in order for her and Esme to protect Bella's dad. Once mom got in the car we sped down the driveway and we were back on these windy roads, mom and I made small chit chat, but she could see I was really tired. So she pulled over and let me crawl into the back end of the car, where I fell into the best sleep that I've ever had. It was nice to see mom again, since I've never been separated from her for more than a few hours, but three days without seeing her was making me go insane.

^*^*^*fast forward a couple of hours^*^*^*^*

We made it home in about 2 hours as soon as I was out of the car Esme engulfed me in a hug. After a couple of minutes Esme pulled away and let me go up stairs to get my bag unpacked. I walked upstairs to my room and sorted my dirty clothes from the clean clothes I still had inn my bag. Once sorted I walked back downstairs and set them in a pile next to everyone else's stuff. I walked out of the laundry room and started to look for my mom or Esme, instead I found a note saying they went hunting then were going to watch Bella's house. I was happy I had the house all to myself because its a rare occasion because of all the people that live in this house. I sped back into my room to get out of these over dressy, in my opinion, clothes and into Jazz's shirt and a pair of my sweat pants. I love Alice to death but sometimes her fashion sense is over the top. Once I changed I walked over to my window seat, sat down, and started to draw Edward with Bella. Hey don't get me wrong I hate the girl but she's fun to draw. Once I was satisfied with my sketching I closed my book, I'll come back and color it in later. I sat there on my window seat for a little while longer, just looking at everything outside. I heard the phone and within seconds I was answering the phone, "Esme?" I heard a worried Carlisle on the other end. "No, just me, Julia." I said with a small laugh at the end. "Julia, where is your mom and Esme?" I told him that they went to hunt then were going to go watch Bella's house. He told me to run and tell them that James was dead and that Bella had been bitten by James. I ran faster then I ever had before, arriving at Bella's house a few minutes later. "Julia?! What are you doing here?!" My mom whisper shouted at me, I told her what Carlisle had told me.

A few days later the rest of the family, minus Edward of course, was back in Forks getting ready for Prom. I helped my dad and Jazz pick out their suits and ties, because like 99% of men on this earth don't know how to dress themselves. Bella was recovering from James's attack, and slowly starting to walk again. When Prom night finally arrived I helped do everyone's hair and my mom and Alice's hair and makeup. They looked gorgeous, the guys didn't look to bad either, soon they were off leaving me to find something to do.

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