Chapter 24: Don't Touch Me!

"What are you gonna do with a baseball bat?" Zac asks cockily as he watches Jay enter the dark kitchen with his baseball bat in hand.

"More than you can do with a baseball bat," Jay replies in a whisper as if not to be heard as he creeps inside to the kitchen, Zac and I refusing to follow after him into death itself. We're smarter than that.

"Your boy's gonna die, you know that right?" Zac smirks down at me in juvenility, back to his old frustrating self. He prefers not to play by the books. He prefers to be arrogant, obnoxious, juvenile and cocky beyond belief.

I don't answer because it's then Jay flips on the switch before the kitchen floods with light. I hear his sharp intake of breath, and in a second, I'm standing right beside him, my eyes too locating and landing on the short man stuffing his face with food.

"This can't be happening," I hear Jay mumble to himself in true despair.

A grin spreads across my face as I take the time to process it before questioning it, "Oog?"

The creature turns to me in an instant before his morbid expression lights up with excitement, "Eela!" I'm immediately tackled into a hug much to Slobber's jealousy. Oog pulls away to glance up at me in delight, "Oog visit Eela room and find hideous monster and no Eela, so Oog bite him."

"He goes by the name of Zac," I correct Oog with a laugh, amused by the situation. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever see him again. "And you're right, he is hideous."

I glance at Jay to see him staring up at the ceiling, his head slightly tilted, as he mumbles profanities beneath his breath. He notices me staring, and so flashes me a fake smile that's meant to be reassuring. He's definitely not on board with any of this.

"Am I still concussed?" Zac queries as he takes in the scene, thoroughly lost.

Oog growls at Zac upon acknowledging his presence.

"Why is always me?" I hear Jay question. "I have the worst luck," he grumbles.

"No," I disagree, "you're just the biggest pessimist to have ever walked the earth," I tease, yet mean it.

"Jaykie!" Oog exclaims in enthusiasm before rushing up to hug Jay as well.

Jay, caught off guard, glances down at Oog in bewilderment.

"Yup, I'm definitely still concussed. It's the only explanation," Zac mutters as he turns his back on us nonchalantly and heads back to the spare room that once was mine. He's convinced that what he's just seen isn't real.

Before I can even see it coming, Oog jumps onto the kitchen counter and swats me on my shoulder - hard. "Hey!" I whine with a wince and rub my arm upon seeing his rebellious frown. "What was that for?" I arch a brow, puzzled.

"For leaving and lying to Oog!" Oog juts out in apparent irritation as he lifts his hand a second time as if to whack me again.

Jay tugs me back out of Oog's reach, just in time, before I can be hit by another of Oog's merciless attacks. Jay shakes his head at Oog in disapproval, "Ease up, buddy, Aqueela's been through a lot." Oog falls silent in respect of Jay as he listens further. "She didn't have a choice, alright? She would've been back if she did. In any case, I should have just followed her. If you want someone to blame, blame me. It's my fault."

"Fine," Oog frowns at Jay and folds his little arms across his chest, "Oog blame you," he says before swatting at Jay instead.

Jay reacts quickly and dodges Oog. However, he's not fast enough to dodge me. I spring forward on impulse and end up wrapping my arms around him. I grin to myself as I rest my head against his chest. He's finally back.

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