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OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 103K reads :D this story has come so far so quickly and I have only you to thank for that <<see what I did>> but omg I love you all so much!

when I began this story I was just an eleven year old girl who didn't even read all of the books but wanted to write about Harry x Hermione so I did. Many plot malfunctions and grammar errors later, I was at about 50K reads and I didn't know how. This piece sucks honestly. I was so young when I began it but basically I am just so grateful for such tolerant readers like you.

I am also grateful for those haters for this story, who at times, were pretty bitchy. You opened my eyes to how not every story is perfect, but also showed me how amazing my other readers are so thanks as well.

Wow, I think I've thanked enough. Wait, I'll never be able to thank enough. While this story was a success, the sequel is up too. it's a little bit better than this, and it's been on hold for a while but I've been updating frequently now so it is not on hold anymore. However promise is on hold and on the verge of being redone so brace yourselves. Just in case you read this junk too, thank you.

Omg chill Dori! stop going on and on! okay okay :))

THANK YHUUUUUUU <I know that's wrong just deal with it>

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