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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 10

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2:15 AM: District 7

Stiyl Magnus is running away from a hospital to avoid being caught by the Academy City authorities. Though he successfully escaped, there was still one problem. He was still wearing a hospital gown and there was a small cat digging it's claws into his back. He really stood out; he needed to get new clothes before he was noticed. Stiyl stopped abruptly as he passed a store. He backed up, and looked through the glass window. Clothes were on display on manikins and piled neatly on tables. Then he looked at the ceiling and saw several security cameras. There was one on the back right corner of the ceiling, and another on the front left corner, making a straight full linear surveillance view of the entire room. It was going to be difficult going in without getting his face caught on tape.

"God forgive me for the unholy act I am about to commit..." He prayed.

He put the cat down and closed his eyes.

To prevent the cameras from seeing most of his face, he lowered it, placing his chin on his chest. He placed his hand on the window, which began to glow red. Melted glass began dripping to the floor and a small hole in the window appeared. Stiyl was careful not to get burned, his own fire may not harm him, but molten glass surely would.

When the hole was large enough for a person to step through, he put one foot in and entered sideways and turned his head to the side, so the cameras could only get a partial view on him. He neared the closest table and took whatever clothes his hand happened to land on. He had to be quick. When he felt that he had gotten what he needed, he fled the scene. Little did he know, that all surveillance camera's had motion detection. A silent alarm had notified Anti-skill and Judgment. Whether either law enforcement group would actually make it in time is another story.

Stiyl ran to a corner and looked at the stolen goods he had acquired. Unisex shorts and a pink v-neck T-shirt with a heart on it. He also acquired a pair of flip-flops.


There was no turning back, he had to use what he had.

2:15 AM: District 6

Bluish white apparitions in the shape of a horse, ox, lamb and lion were running through the streets of District 6. They jumped through walls and buildings like spirits. They forms made out of pure mana controlled by a magician called Abbondino of the Vatican Church. He was looking for Last Order.

The magician known as Abbondino sat legs crossed on top of a towering building of District 6 known to have many recreational facilities and an Amusement Park. He looked at the four chess-like figurines that he used to manifest the apparitions. The one that resembled a lion was shaking.



5 girls that all looked exactly the same stationed themselves in a shop. The structure's purpose was most likely a diner since there were tables and booths. Last Order was lying down in a booth and several sisters were on guard with military grade assault rifles.

Outside of the building, 5 other sisters had stationed themselves in other buildings with sniper rifles. They found the sniper rifles in hidden compartments in the area. Due to the sudden closure of the Level 6 Shift Project, areas that were going to be potential battlegrounds had not been cleaned up, thus leaving lethal weapons hidden throughout the entire city.

"Has the enemy been spotted anywhere, asks Misaka 10342 holding her position."

"No enemy has been spotted, says Misaka 18945 giving her current status."

"None spotted, says Misaka 14050."

"Wait, there is something. There is a figure in the shape of a lion that is quickly approaching the location at 12 O'clock, says Misaka 15067 urgently. Misaka will engage the target."

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