A day that quickly goes to hell

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You hear your gym teacher shouting at the wheezing and whining pile that is your class. Today was some sort of "sporting day", and normally such days included trying fun and exciting sports, but your class just had to be lucky enough to have it organised by The Sergeant.

Mr. Sarge, or the sergeant, as the students would call him, was one of the worst people around in your eyes. Strict, loud, egocentric, and OBSESSED with running.

("I mean, what sort of sick mind makes a bunch of students run through a forest in the middle of nowhere?!") you think while trying to stay on the narrow and dirty ascending path of the forest hill before you. You might be a pretty good runner, but since you have been running for a straight hour, you are soaked in sweat, and like the rest of your class, you just want to go back to school. You'd prefer any schoolday over this horrible nightmare.

But right as you finished that thought, your feet get stuck in a hole in the road, you lose your balance and.....tumble down the hill, while trying to avoid trees the best you can. A few moments later you are at the bottom of the hill, with only a little scratch on your hand. "well, that's at least something positive" you mumble to yourself as you analyse the situation you are in.

"Hmm, this side of the hill is too steep to climb, and i doubt anyone can hear me." You mumble to yourself. You still try to call for help, but just as you expected, they were probably already too far to hear you.

You decide to go around the hill, and when you find the path again, you'd follow it until you either found your class or someone who has a phone, seeing as how you left yours home, for some reason.

You sigh, and start walking trough the forest, making sure you are close to the hill the whole time. Fifteen minutes later you are about halfway there, and you spot a figure following you, trying to hide.

Knowing very well that shadowy figures in the woods never mean anything good, you start running. Even though you are tired, and just went trough enough running to make Usain Bolt proud, you keep on running for a few minutes until you finally get to the road you had been searching for. You turn around, and see that you got rid of the figure as well. Sadly,your joy is short-lived as you feel a shock going through your body, and you fall to the ground, and everything goes dark before your eyes.

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