"Yeah, Yeah I will" A Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson one-shot.

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Angelina Johnson was sitting on the couch wearing her pajamas and her hair was pulled into a bun. She was busying herself by flicking aimlessly through the muggle television channels. She shook her head thinking about when the her and Fred had gotten the television in the first place.

“What do you mean you want a muggle television?” Angelina asked Fred as he was opening the door to their flat.

“It just seems so fascinating, My dad said they seem popular among muggles,” Fred shrugged pushing open the door.

“But we’re not muggles Freddie..” she paused for a moment, “do you even have muggle money?” she asked rubbing her forehead with her index finger and thumb. Fred always had these crazy ideas. Angelina knew he would figure out a way in the end.

“I can get some,” 

“of coarse you can,” She laughed under her breath giving him a quick kiss. “Fine, you can get the muggle contraption” Smiling, she gave up. 

He grinned at her kissing her again.

She continued flipping through the channels with no real thought as too what she was wanting to watch. Angelina glanced over to the clock on the shelf, Fred was usually home by then. Her eye’s continued to look over the shelf, stopping at a picture of the two of them at the yule ball. She had been waiting for weeks for him to ask her, The girls from the quidditch team had told her he was thinking about it constantly.

“Has Fred asked you yet?” Katie Bell whispered leaning over the dining hall table. The girls gave a quick glance in the twins direction before giggling to themselves. 

“No, not yet,” Angelina whispered back when she felt something hit her arm. Looking down onto the table she saw a piece of rolled up paper. Looking up to see who had thrown it she saw Fred who started acting out the words “Will you go to the ball with me” including dancing with the air and ending with a wink. Angelina smiled and quickly looked at Katie who was grinning at her, she patted down her hair and looked back at Fred nodding while she whispered

“Yeah, Yeah I will” 

Angelina was pulled from her daydream as something hit her arm she looked down to see a crumpled up piece of paper sitting on the armrest. Alarmed she looked up, she hadn’t heard someone come in. When she looked up she saw her boyfriend down on one knee holding a ring box in his hands. Angelina covered her mouth and stood up quickly.

“Angelina Johnson, will you make me the luckiest bloke alive and marry me?” Fred whispered with a nervous smile. Angelina nodded quickly whispering back at him before pulling him into a kiss.

“Yeah, Yeah I will”  

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