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The next morning, I woke up beside Calum. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a banana, then heard a knock on the door to the apartment. I peeled my banana as I walked towards the door. I took a bite and turned the knob. After opening the door, I saw Callie standing there.

"Hi," she slightly smiled, not making eye contact. She was looking down, "so what are we doing today?"

"I don't know.." I paused, causing an awkward silence, "all of the boys are still asleep. I don't know when they'll be up or what they'll want to do today."

"All of the boys? What do you mean all?" She seemed confused. I must have not told her there were four.

"Yeah, Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael. They're in a band together. Didn't you know that? 5 Seconds of Summer? Haven't you heard of them?"

"No, I haven't. Well, now that you say about it, I have heard of them. Don't thaws have that one album, uh, Sounds Good Feels Good?"

"Yeah, they do. How did you know their album name if you said you've never heard of them?"

"My sister used to listen to them sometimes. She still does, I think."

"Cool. But you'll be able to meet Luke, Michael, and Ashton soon.. I just don't know when they'll wake up. Calum says that they usually sleep in another half an hour, until about noon."

"Okay. I guess that's fine with me," she shrugged, "I just don't know what we're going to do today."

"LILL!! LI-LLI-A-NA!" I heard from Calum's bedroom. I instantly knew Calum was awake. He walked out of his bedroom and down the hallway towards Callie and me.

"Hey Callie," Calum smiled at Callie, and she smiled back. She asked him if he knew what we were doing that day.

"No, I don't know. We'll have to wait until the other three wake up to ask them what they want to do today with the six of us," he shrugged. Callie nodded, understanding.

"Look, Lilliana, I didn't mean to snap at you like that yesterday morning. I just think I'm a little upset that you're away a lot, and I miss you. I want you to be at the apartment, hanging out with me instead of your three-week boyfriend.."

"I'm sorry that I haven't hung out with you much lately," I apologized, "but I do accept your apology."

"Thank you," she smiled, "I really felt bad about that after you left."

"Then why didn't you answer your phone last night when you saw it was me?"

"I don't know.. I think I just wasn't ready to talk to you again. I didn't want to end up making this worse than they already were."

"It's alright, but you're here now, and we're going to spend the whole day together. You, Calum, the three boys, and me."

"Yeah. I'm excited to meet the other three. I'll have to tell my sister I met you guys. She really likes your band."

"Oh, you've heard of us? 5 Seconds of Summer?" Calum asked her, smiling that she knew them. Why would he be so surprised? They're a really popular band.

"Yeah. My sister used to listen to you guys some. I think she listens to you more now, but I'm out of the house, obviously," Callie laughed a little. Calum nodded.

I watched the creme hallway as the tall, blonde boy emerged from his room that was right across from Calum's room. Callie turned around to see what, or who, I was looking at.

"Hey Luke. Did you sleep well?" I asked him. He nodded, walking into the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"Callie, that's Luke. He's usually more talkative once he's more awake," I laughed a little.

"Okay," she nodded, and another one of the boys came out of his room. It was Michael this time, with his blue hair. He walked into the kitchen, where Luke was. Callie seemed surprised to see his blue hair.

"Who's that?" She asked me, and once again, I told her which boy that was, and told her that she could remember him by his blue hair.

"Why does he color his hair?" Callie asked, "I like it, but why does he do it? Does he not like his natural hair color?"

"Well, he says it's more punk rock to have colored hair.." Calum explained to her, laughing in the process.

"Oh.. So you guys really want to be punk rock even though you're not?" Callie challenged Calum.

"We are!" Calum defended. Callie and I both put our hands on our hips, staring at him. He sighed, "alright, we're not. But we're getting there!"

"Sure you are, babe.. Sure you are," I laughed, joking with him. Luke came out from the kitchen and walked over towards Callie, Calum, and me.

"Who's this?" He asked me, pointing at Callie. It was like he couldn't ask her who she was, but he asked Calum or me.

"I'm Callie. I live with Lilliana," she explained, "we had a fight yesterday about her spending too much time here, but we're all better now. I'm going to spend the day with you guys, just hanging out, I guess."

"Cool. I'm fine with that. What are we doing, then?" He asked Callie, but turned around to Calum and me in case we had the answer.

"We were going to ask you, Michael, and Ashton what you guys wanted to do," I shrugged.

Michael walked out of the kitchen and over towards the group of the four of us who somehow moved into the living room.

"Did I hear my name?" Michael asked, and I nodded. He looked over at Callie, most likely completely forgetting the question he asked because he didn't say more about it.

"Who are you?" He smiled at Callie. Callie smiled back at him. I looked to Calum with my fingers crossed.

"I'm Callie," she looked up at Michael who was approaching her. He smiled down at her, "I'm Michael, if you didn't already know."

"Yeah, I did," she nodded, looking over at me and smiling. I bit my lip in anticipation. I really wanted her to like one of the boys so she'd have a distraction while Calum and I were hanging out. Hopefully she'd get together with one of them, and I knew Calum's and my plan was working.

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