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Psycho Murderer (Poem)

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I strolled down the dark, damp alley

I had this strong feeling that somebody was stalking me.

I let out a sigh and turned my back,

But I didn't see a thing, it was pitch black.

It was breezy and cold with the moon shining bright.

But my thought were telling me that I'll see a fright.

I shrugged off my thoughts and went on and on.

Until I see something that just came on.

Four bodies were found; all brutally murdered.

This was the news I heard from the lady carrying a bird.

My heart was throbbing. Where could the murderer be?

I walked faster and faster so the murderer won't sight of me.

I am wearing a thick coat and a jacket.

I couldn't help but to grab my hat and flap the snow in it.

I wore it and placed it back the same way as before.

Then a tingling sound, I heard on the floor.

I saw was it is; It's a bloody silver knife.

Why could've it fall out on my jacket this wintery night?

As I repeat. Where could this murderer be?

I know know that I am a psycho and realized that the murderer was me



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