Welcome Home.

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The bus that Dipper sat in with his twin sister came to a halt and they stepped down to the familiar sight of Gravity Falls Oregon.

Stan, Ford and Soos were standing there waiting for them. The moment their feet hit the ground the three nearly crushed them in a hug. Mabel laughed loudly, enjoying the contact but Dipper struggled out of it. The others late go and Mabel frowned, "Aw, come on Dipper. Don't be like that. Its our family."

Dipper looked away sheepishly. He didn't like to be touched. Not anymore. Mabel sighed and climbed into Grunkle Stans car, Dipper following shortly after.

The mystery shack was just as they left it. Wendy and Mabels friends were waiting for them to return, standing outside the front door with large smiles spread across their faces.  Mabel jumped out of the car excitedly, not bothering to wait for it to come to a full stop, and ran to hug and jump up and down with her friends. Dipper on the other hand waited for the car to stop before climbing out slowly. He saw Mabel whisper something to Wendy, after giving her a big hug, and nodded in understanding.

"Careful not to touch him," She'd told her "he doesn't like it."

Dipper approached Wendy as Mabel and her friends disappeared into the shack. Wendy smiled at the teen, who was now only a few inches shorter than her. "Hey Dipper." She greeted him. "Hey Wendy." He responded, gripping onto his bag a little tighter. "Nice to see you again." "Yeah, you too..."

They made their way inside after a few awkward minutes of silence. Mabel and her friends sat in the living room in a circle, talking about boys excitedly. Wendy sat with them and Dipper settled into the armchair with his feet curled beneath him.

"Hey, Dipper, why don't you join us?" Mabel offered. "That's okay Mabel. I'm not really in the mood for girl talk." Mabel laughed.  "It's not girl talk Dipper, it's crush talk! Come on, you can tell them about-"

"I said not now Mabel." Dipper interrupted rather calmly. "I'm too tired." Mabel pouted. "Well fine, but can I tell them?" She asked. "Knock yourself out." She squealed in excitement and began speaking rapidly about Dippers most recent crush, "You guys should have seen him, he was so cute I was almost jealous, you know twins law you cant go after the person the other has a thing for, so I tried to set them up, but of course Dipper can't do relationships, so it was a little sad but I managed to get him out for one date, they went to the little diner down the street from our house and they hit it off so well I thought they would get together for sure but Dipper decided that he wasn't ready to date a guy, so he ended up with a girl named Sammy that had a thing for him since grade like three, but Dipper didn't really like her that much-"

"She was nice enough," Dipper interrupted, "she just wore so much makeup and she was clingy and she didn't get that I didn't want her to touch me, she just wouldn't fucking stop!" He growled. "I mean what part of 'I'm uncomfortable with physical contact, so please don't touch me,' is so hard to understand?"

Mabel chuckled but didn't respond. "Wait, you had a thing for a guy?" Wendy asked, a little surprised. "Well sure, I mean gender doesn't really matter, right? It's about the person themselves, their personality." Mabel nodded in agreement. "Yeah like when I had a thing for Tammy," she made gagging motions, "I don't know why I ever liked her."

"Yeah that was weird Mabel. She was super mean to you too."

"She loved me Dipper!" She defended. "Because I'm so, IRRESISTABLE!" The group laughed as the Grunkles and Soos entered the room followed by Waddles and Gompers. Grunkle Stan pointed to the floor, "Out of my seat kid." Dipper pouted and got up to let his Great uncle sit down there. Ford smiled down at the teen, then offered his hand. Dipper smiled and shyly shook it. "Welcome home Dipper."

A few hours later the guests left and a thought hit Dipper. "Hey Soos?" "Yeah dude?" He replied as he took a bit of an almost finished sandwich. "Where's Abuelita?" Soos swallowed, "who do you think made the snacks, dude? She's in the kitchen." Dipper 'Ah'ed then stood. "Well I'm going to head upstairs then. You know, it's been a long day." Mabel jumped up, "Me too! I gotta get up early to make new sweaters for everyone! I couldn't make them before coming because I though Grunkle Stan might have gotten fatter." "Hey!" Mabel laughed hysterically as she ran out of the room and up the stairs. Dipper chuckled and followed slowly after her.

They each sat on their respective beds and got their things ready. Mabel giggled, "I think today was a good day, what do you think Dipper?" Dipper smiled. "Yeah, I do too." Mabel put a hand on Dippers shoulder, he tensed briefly but relaxed after assuring it was his sisters hand, "I think that you did really well today."

"Thanks Mabes, but these are all people that we know really well. What will I do in town?"

"I'm sure you'll do fine Dipper, don't worry. I'm here for you. You know that."

Dipper smiled. "Yeah..."


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