Chapter 2 - The Escape

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Hey, to all Wattpad Readers! I just watched Beautiful Creatures and it was awesome!!! :)

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Anyway, here's the second chapter!

Ray's Pov

My head hurt pretty bad. I had woken up this morning with a stiff neck and had had a relishing drink of cool water. My stomach was growling uncontrollably and I knew that I had to go thieving round the corners. Sounded like a pretty demeaning plan.

I walked through the streets trying to be inconspicuous. My hood was up and my hands were secure in my jeans pockets. My black hair fell over my blue eyes, hiding them away from the people milling around. Of course, there was no way they knew me but since I looked young enough to be in high school, it was hard for people not to see me and get suspicious over why I was not sitting behind a desk, bored out of my mind, twiddling my thumbs, and getting an education. There was no way I wanted to be caught and stashed into some orphanage or put into foster care even though I would love to have some food and shelter. But I had the feeling that no matter where I went, I would have trouble worming its way into my life.

I turned into a dark alley that led off to nowhere I could see in the dim lights. The air reeked of garbage and possibly, even blood. I shivered, my movements almost uncontrollable. I was afraid to go any further; I could feel the intruder's eyes glaring into my back. I didn't turn around to glance back.

I could almost feel the danger in the air but I couldn't turn back. There was no way I could escape. Somewhere in the middle of the alley, four people sprung upon me and attacked me to the ground. They pinned my hands on either side of my head and the biggest one of them, obviously the leader, leaned down, almost in my face and disgustingly I got the full brunt of his onion breath. The man grabbed one of my hands and twisted it behind my back. My screams of pain remained ignored.

"Bring the boy to us. Or your family suffers as punishment for your disobedience." I don't care, asshole. There ain't no family.

"I don't care!" I tell them, him, in particular.

"What if it's poor, poor little Becca? She's quite a sweetheart. She even offered a kind stranger like me her toffee. I can't wait to hear her screams as I shove my blade into her tiny, tiny body." You're sick.

My whole body froze. "Don't you dare touch Becca!"

"We won't if you bring the boy to us," the guy replied, matter-of-fact. I felt my heart clench at the thought of having to somehow capture the beautiful boy I had seen in the photograph and handing him over to these goons. I felt sick to the core.

My heart was screaming at me to pause, to at least think about it before giving my decision. But the very mention of Becca shut down any protests germinating in my mind as soon as the seeds sprouted. I felt tears pool in my eyes as I said, "I'll bring him to you."

The man let go of me and said, "Good. When you get him, you'll meet us right here at this spot. You've got no time left, kid. You'd better not mess up."

I nodded miserably and they disappeared back into the shadows leaving me with a sense of dread. I felt horrible. I didn't want to bring that boy to these horrible people. Why were they asking me for this anyway? How did they know me? I wasn't anyone special and I was pretty sure I had never seen these guys anywhere before. I didn't want to do what they were threatening me to but I had to, if I needed Becca to stay alive. I could always call the police but what good would that do? And if the police did arrest them, what if someone escaped and harmed my sister? Speaking of which, would the police even listen to a battered kid like me?

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