Chapter 30

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(Anna's P.O.V)

I wake up next to Nate, He's still asleep. I look up at his face and see a tear track on his cheek. Has he been crying? "Nate?" I whisper shaking him. "huh?" he asks opening his eyes. "Where you crying?" I ask. "No. Why do you ask?" He says yawning. "Because you have a tear track on your cheek." I say. "Well...It's just you said something about leaving in your sleep yesterday." He says looking away from me. He heard me last night? I guess I was just thinking about when I have to leave. "It was just a dream I was having." I lie. "Okay good! I can't lose you." He says smiling. "I can't lose you Nathan." I say getting up. "Where you going?" He asks. "To get dressed we have school." I say. "OH YEAH!" He yells then runs to his room. I laugh and shake my head, he's such a dork. I walk to my room and get dressed in to some black jeans and a light blue shirt. I slip on my black high tops and grab my hoodie then walk to the living room to wait for Nate. I stand in there looking at my twitter. "ANNA!" I hear Nate yell then he wraps his arms around me. "NATHAN!" I yell smiling. "You ready to go?" He asks with his arms around me. "Yeah, come on." I say. "Okay!" He says then let me go to get his bag. I put on my backpack and walk to school. Only a few more months till we graduate. What if I do have to leave Nate? I don't want to hurt him or lose him, I love him very much. "Anna?" I hear Nate say as he waves his hand in front of my face. "Oh huh? Sorry guess I spaced out." I say. "Okay, well we're school." he says smiling. "Can you believe it's almost time to go." I say walking in to the school. "Yeah seems like just yester-" Nate starts to say but get cut off. "ANNA!" Arianna yells running up to us. "ARI!" I yell then hugs her. "I have't seen you for a long time." She says letting me go. "Yeah!" I say. "Oh Nate's here." She says looking at Nate pissed off. "Haha, let's go study in the computer room." I say. "Okay! Let's go, Mark is there to." She says starting to walk. "Okay." I say then start walking. "Anna, what about me?" Nate asks. "Well you have to study to." I say then walk to the computer room.

 I see Mark and Arianna sitting at a table and Me and Nate go sit with them. "Hey you two." I say getting a book out from my backpack. Mark and Nate get there books out and set them on the table. Arianna gets hers out and slams it on the table by Nate. "AH!" Nate screams and jumps. We all start laughing and Nate scratches the back of his head with his cheeks truing red. I open my book and take out my note book and start taking notes. "Really!" I hear Nate say. I look up and see him holding a crumbled up paper. "What did you do?" I ask. "Nothing she threw it at me." he says looking at Arianna. "I am to busy studying to throw stuff at you." She says looking at her book. I roll my eyes and go back to taking my notes. "Again!" Nate says. "Nathan can you shut up I am trying to do work!" Arianna says. "Then stop throwing paper at me!" Nate says getting annoyed. "Both of you sshh." I say looking up. Arianna looks back at her book and Nate looks at her pissed off then back to his book. I look back down at my book for about five minuets till Nate starts yelling. "STOP THROWING PAPER AT ME!" Nate yells at Arianna. "DON'T YELL AT HER!" Mark yells standing up. "THEN TELL HER TO STOP THROWING PAPER AT ME!" Nate yells standing up. "I AM NOT THROWING PAPER AT YOU!" Arianna yells crossing her arms. "YES YOU ARE!" Nate yells at her. " I SAID NOT TO YELL AT HER." Marks yells getting in Nate's face. "TELL HER TO STOP WITH THE PAPER!" Nate yells in Marks face. Mark pushes Nate on the floor, Nate gets up and tackles Mark to the floor. "Leave Mark alone!" Arianna says to Nate. "HE PUSHED ME!" Nate says then hits Mark in the face. "NATHAN SMITH AND MARK  FISCHBACH OFFICE NOW!" A teacher yells. They get up and follow the teacher to the office. The bell rings and I walk to my class and sit down. Towards the end of class Nate walk in, "AH Nathan. Do you mind telling us why your late?" The teacher says and the whole class looks at him. "I got in trouble." he says. "HE HAS A BLACK EYE!" A student yells. "No yelling! Now Nathan please take your seat." He says turning back to the board. Nate sits down next to me in his seat and I don't look at him. "Anna?" Nate whispers. "What." I say looking at him. "Are you mad at me?" He asks. "Yeah!" I say then the bell rings. I grab my backpack and walk out, "ANNA WAIT!" Nate yells following me. "What do you want!" I say and stop walking. "Why are you mad?" He asks. "Because you don't know how to not get in a fight with someone!" I say. "He pushed me." He says looking at me. "I don't care!" I say. "OH SO YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT ME!" He yells getting close to me. I take a step back looking at him, his yelling startled me. "Anna I-" Nate starts to say but I cut him off. "No get away from me." I say shaking. I turn away but Nate puts his arms around me and hugs me. "Please.." He whispers. "Your so hard to stay mad it." I say hugging me. He smiles and takes my hand as we walk to the next class. We sit down and wait for class to start, "So your eye." I say looking at him. "It hurts." He says. "Close you eyes." I say standing up. "Okay, why?" He says with his eyes closed. I stand up and kiss his black eyes, "Better?" I ask. He opens his eyes and his cheeks grow redder, "Yeah." He says smiling. 

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