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     Iman finished her mid-day prayer and lowered her forehead to the ground once again. She was getting old and each prostration was harder on her knees. Beneath her hijab, wisps of grey now highlighted her normally dark hair. Prayer had allowed her to get through the hardest times in her life, it also aided in bringing her joys in life. She prayed for her family, her loved ones, and the ones that now faced one of the greatest obstacles the Muslim American community had ever faced. An obstacle so difficult, she was worried about the very survival of Muslims in America as a whole. With a final prayer for her daughter, she rose from her prostrated state and headed out towards her living room. Today was an important day. A day that would change their entire lives.

     "Aunt Iman?" A kind baritone called out from down the hall.

    "In here, Ibrahim," Iman called out before pouring herself a glass of water. She looked up in time to see a tall and muscular young man walk into the living room with a bucket of popcorn in hand. She smiled at him and patted the seat next to her with her hand. Ibrahim smiled and nodded before settling down next to his aunt.

     "You're looking more and more like Ahmed everyday," Iman whispered before placing her hand on Ibrahim's hand in a motherly fashion.

     "Yeah, but I'm muscular, Auntie," Ibrahim grinned, flashing a set of perfect teeth at his aunt.

     Iman smiled. Ibrahim had acquired all the good that was in both of his parents. He was kind and soft-hearted to his loved ones and honest when it came to the family business. He would run over in a flash whenever he was needed in the Khan residence, without ever being asked. He adored Khadijah, acknowledging her as his eldest sister. His innocence as a child was always uplifting to see, especially since Iman's own life was in turmoil. He was a breath of fresh air in a home that was stifled with worry.

     Her husband, Dawood Khan, had been accused of the worst terrorist attack in American history. He was taken from her after a mere three months of marriage. The amount of Islamophobia that blossomed after the attack was staggering. In the aftermath of the attack, her family lost their home, the government confiscated their money, and she lost her tenured position at the university she taught at. It was the hardest time she had encountered in her life. Khadijah was no more than five and had witnessed every bloody detail of the terrorist attack, including the incapacitation of her father.

     "Are you worried, Auntie?" Ibrahim asked before popping a few kernels in his mouth.

     "About today? Of course. This is the largest anti-Muslim riot in the history of the United States. It doesn't help that it is headlined by your uncle's brother," Iman sighed.

     Saul Kahn, formerly Sulaiman Khan, was a conniving liar. He was profoundly jealous of his youngest brother, Dawood, and found every opportunity he could to "beat" him or gain the upper hand in life. When the FBI approached Sulaiman to find information on Dawood in order to use against the young soldier, Sulaiman was more than happy to sell out his sibling. In turn, they aided in establishing him to become a powerful senator whose entire campaign was Islamophobic. Touting himself as a "former Muslim," he easily won over bigoted individuals who mostly had an irrational fear of Muslims.

     Years of perpetuating hate and bigotry towards Muslims had taken it's toll on the general population of the United States. There seemed to be an anti-Muslim riot scheduled nearly every week which had led to the riot today. The currently scheduled riot was the largest in the history of the United States regarding any minorities. The riot was led by Saul Kahn and his xenophobic sponsors. They wanted "change" and to bring the United States back to it's "Christian" roots. It had all started with Saul attacking Iman's family and this riot had incorporated her family once again.

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