Chapter Two

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Destiny quietly stood by herself while the rain dribbled down her umbrella. People hurriedly bustled by while she waited for her taxi to come pick her up. She stared nervously around, feeling alone and uncertain. It felt so different and overwhelmingly new. She probably would have taken more comfort knowing someone was there; even Henry, but she had lost sight of him at the airport. She regretted not asking him where he was going, for such a small child, he shouldn't be left alone. Then again, neither should she.

Her taxi rolled in front of her with a splash of a puddle, which sprayed at her boots. She sighed slightly and threw her luggage in the boot of the car, and timidly sat in the back seat. The taxi driver had a sour expression on his face, and drove with white knuckles.

As the travel progressed, Destiny sat as a film of light rain gently patted against her window. She quietly wrote in her leather bound, worn diary that the nuns had given her. They told her flooding all of the emotion into its pages could help her heal, and she guessed it had. She kept all of her past to herself and between the pages of her diary. For these past few weeks, she had relied a lot on books. The way they had opened the door to a new world to leave the nightmares and memories behind, and jump into the character's life. She put her pen down and massaged the cramps from her hands. She had noticed her fingers skin had become thicker from them being rubbed on pages, and large brown calluses formed on the side of her forefinger.

She leant back against the uncomfortable taxi seat, and gently slipped her diary into her back pack. Suddenly, she saw the glimmer and rustle of a picture fall to the floor. Destiny delicately picked it up and smiled, to see her mother staring back at her, with a wide smile on her face. She was glad she looked more like her mother than her father, as she would have rather forgotten about him. She shared her mother's chestnut brown eyes, round face structure and smile. It was scary how much she looked like her mother when she stared at herself in the mirror. The only thing they didn't share was their hair. Her mother's hair was flat and black, while Destiny's hair was a wavy strawberry blonde. She sighed and slipped the photo between the pages of her diary.

It seemed like such a short drive, but then again she wasn't travelling very far. The light grey clouds had formed to thick, dark clouds which covered the sky and rain pelted towards the ground. Bright flashes of lightning struck the sky and thunder rolled across the hills. Destiny's grandmother lived in the middle of nowhere, and lived quite handsomely if her birthday money giving was correct. Destiny gasped as the car drove up the cobblestone driveway; it looked like a towering stone castle. Destiny shuddered from the harsh winds and tugged her luggage out of the trunk. She breathed heavily as she pulled it up the steps, with the wheels catching on the uneven rock.

She took in a deep breath as she knocked on the deep oak doors. A girl in a black dress opened the door and smiled at her sweetly. "Your grandmother has been expecting you," she said. "Follow me." The girl swooped down and picked up the luggage. A man quickly assisted her taking off her jacket and took it away to dry.

Destiny couldn't help but gawk as they walked through richly furnished rooms with stunningly high walls. It seemed to be an endless array of hallways and rooms, when finally they reached a large living room, with a crackling fire and a figure bent down reading a book. Destiny hadn't had much experience with her grandmother, but she was very thankful for her.

The old woman's head snapped up and a slight smile covered her face. She slowly stood up, and elegantly walked over to embrace her granddaughter. She grabbed Destiny's shoulders and examined her up and down. "My, how you've grown. The last time I saw you, you were only this big," she gestured out with her hand.

"Thank you," Destiny said.

A slight frown dented her grandmother's face. "We're going to have to change that, dear," she said royally.

"Excuse me?" Destiny replied.

"You talk through her mouth dear not your nose," she said while tutting slightly. "Goodness, is that the time!" Her grandmother exclaimed. "You must be starving. Come along, I'll get you some breakfast." She then turned to the girl that had taken Destiny's luggage. "Show her to her room and unpack her things. Bring her down to the dining room and tell Brandon he needs to organise breakfast." Then Destiny's grandmother turned around and walked away.

The servant turned and looked at Destiny with bright eyes. "I'll show you to your room." Then they walked up two flights of steps and down a well-lit hallway, with the sound of Destiny's suitcase clicking along the floorboards. While walking through the house, Destiny tried to remember which way they turned, so as to not get lost, but she had given up on the eleventh right.

"Here's your room," she said while opening the door. Inside was a darkly furnished bedroom, with a Blackwood four poster bed and a dark red duvet. A fireplace was positioned on one wall, with a lounge and short coffee table. To escape the old fashioned theme, a flat screen TV was placed upon one of the walls.

"Come down to the dining room on the first floor for breakfast. Unpack your things first though," the girl seemed slightly nervous and flustered. "I'll leave you to it." Then the girl turned for the door and left hurriedly.

Destiny took in a deep breath and tugged her luggage across the room into her walk in wardrobe. She sleepily unpacked her few articles of clothing and got changed from her damp clothes. Before she left, she quickly slipped off her shoes and felt the carpet between her worn feet. She then went and flopped onto her bed, while feeling the soft fabrics of the pillows on her cold face. She lied there for a while, and let her body relax. Though as she reluctantly lifted herself off of her bed, a strong pang flooded through her body and she let out a short scream. The pain seemed to leave as quickly as it came, and Destiny shakily put her shoes back on.

As she started walking down the hallway, she suddenly realised she had no idea where she was going. She wearily turned corners and walked down stairs. Suddenly she ran into a figure as she turned a corner, and Destiny grunted as she fell to the ground. As her eyes started to focus, a pale hand stuck out at her for assistance. A rather tall boy with black hair smiled at her. She timidly took the boy's hand and he pulled her upright. She then realised that was the same boy that had taken her jacket.

"I'm Brandon," he said.

"I'm Destiny," she replied.

The boy nodded. "I know." He sighed sleepily. "I'm a servant here, if you haven't guessed," he said while shuffling awkwardly. With a slight nod, he added "Best be off."

Destiny then moved out of his way while he started walking away. "Wait," she said. "Can you tell me where the dining room is?"

The boy smiled. "Sure."

Once they had reached the dining room, the boy nodded and opened the door. "Thanks," Destiny said.

"You're welcome," he whispered while looking at her straight in the eye. An acute headache throbbed at her temples as Brandon turned and walked away. Must be jet lag, Destiny told herself.

"Ah, here you are. Your breakfast has gone cold," her grandmother said while Destiny sat down. She delicately put her cutlery down and looked at Destiny with a worried expression. "Are you alright love?

Destiny nodded, wincing at her headache. "I think so."

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