*Who ever reads my book thank you. This is a special chapter. I hope you like it. There is going to be a special thing coming. So get ready.*

"Hey.... you busy today?" Barry asked. "No why?" I asked. "Good cause we are going on a trip" Barry said. "Where are we going" I asked looking at him. We were inches away. "It's a suprise..... just tomorrow meet me at S.T.A.R labs at 7:00 am" Barry said. He gave me a peck and zoomed off. I smiled. Looking at the place Barry was a few moments ago. I looked back at my phone, put my headphones on and played the next song on my list. It was 'I know what you did last summer by Shawn Mendes'. I love this song.

"Beep.... beep..... beep" my alarm clock went off. I hit the off button. I sighed. I woke up a 6:30. I had to get ready. I went in my closet/ Iris's old clothes storage. I took out blue jeaned shorts black pantyhose and a black shirt with a blue words that say 'Ms. Sarcastic'. I but on black combat boots. I ran to S.T.A.R labs. I walked in and saw Barry with his hands behind his back. "What's going on?" I asked. He pulled out a blindfold. "Where we are going is a suprise soo.... you need to wear this" Barry said. I sighed. "Fine" I said. "So your not going to hurt me if I put it on you?" Barry asked. "No.... why would I do that?" I asked. "Do you need to ask?" Barry said. "True... I would probably do that.... put it on before I change my mind" I said. He put it on. He threshold me. "Ready?" Barry asked. I nodded. Then he ran.

I felt the wind brush against my face. I felt some electricity from Barry. It felt good. If you ever been on a motorcycle or anything like that you understand. Then he stopped and he put me down. Then he took the blindfold off and I looked and saw houses and other things. The thing is I was up high. Then I realized where I was.... we were at the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. I turned towards Barry. I hugged him. "Babe!... I've always wanted to go to Paris!" I said. "I know" Barry said. Then he took a picture of me. Then I knew Barry read my bucket list. He fulfilled going to Paris.... go to the Eiffel Tower.... and take a picture in Paris. "You read my bucket list..." I clarified. "I thought we could fulfill it.... I mean together" Barry said. I kissed him. "I love you".

Next we went to Italy. We went to a fancy restaurant. We sat down. The waiter asked us. "What do you want?" in Italian. I answered "Spaghetti with meatballs" in Italian. The waiter nodded then walked in the kitchen. "You know Italian?" Barry asked. "I am Italian" I said. "Oh.... didn't know that" Barry said. I laughed. The waiter came back with the spaghetti. It was heaven. "Thanks Barry" I said. "No problem" Barry said. For the rest of the day we fulfilled my list. We went horseback riding. Jumped in a pool of jello.Went to the beach. We went to four corners. Four States connect. So I was in four places at once. We went to London. We skydived. We spent the whole day together.

Then we got to S.T.A.R labs. "Well thank you" I said. "There's one more thing" Barry said. He brought me in. We walked down the hall. Then we went to the cortex. I saw everbody. Cisco, Caitlin, Joe, Harry, Iris, Henry, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Lyla, Sara, Zara, Fitch, Thea, Roy, and Laurel. Cisco and Caitlin held a poster thingy. Then Zara came over to Cisco and grabbed the end of the poster. She pulled it and unraveled it. When I could finally read it my eyes got watery. It said "will you marry me?". I turned and saw Barry on his knee. "I noticed you had one thing left on your Bucket List.... get married.... and I wanted to be the one who checked that off with you...." Barry began. I was crying. With my hand on my mouth. "Soo.... Skye Star Snow.... will you marry me?" Barry asked. I wiped my tears away. "Yes Barry I will marry you" I said. Barry but the ring on my finger. I hugged him. He picked me up. And I kissed him. I'm marrying Barry Allen!

 I'm marrying Barry Allen!

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