Chapter thirteen

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This will be a short chapter, and in my opinion a bit of a filler. I am so sorry I haven't updated it what seems like months, but was really a week or two.

Peter's POV

I run through the halls, and outside. I took James' cloak so I wouldn't be caught. I run all the way down to Hogsmead. I finally arrive outside an a banded store where I was told to meet them. I run inside right as the clocks hit midnight.

"Ahh, Peter, you made it "

I bow quickly, know it wasn't him, but one of his top dogs, Malfoy.

"Y-you called?"

"Yes, the Dark Lord is very angry at two people."

"Wh-who are they?"

"I believe you know them, Harold and Sally Potter."

I gulp, I know almost immediately this also has to do with James.

"Ye-yes, I do kn-know them."

"Fantastic, now all you need to do is give us things that mean a lot to their son."

"May I a-ask why?"

"Certainly, James Potter's parents have refused to join the Dark Lords forces, and so by hurting their son, The Dark Lord will eventually give him what he wants, if he joins us. So if James joins, that will either make his parents join, or they will get to upset to do anything as they are the best Aurors and are the second and third biggest threat to us, next to Dumbledore."

I nod. "D-doyou want the information now? I can give it to you already, it's not hard to know these things when he trusts you."

Malfoy grins evilly. "The sooner the better."

I nod, for what seems like the millionth time. "The most important thing to him is defiantly Lily Evans, she gets hurt and so does James. He also really cares about his friends, me Sirius and Remus. and the girls, Marlene Alice and Dorcas. If anyone close to him is hurt, it'll hurt him."

"Thank you Peter, you may go now."

I bow as I back out of the room. 

I run up to the castle, through the halls, and up to the boys dorms in the Gryffindor common room.

I take off the cloak, tossing it on James' trunk. "Peter, where have you been, we haven't seen you in ages!" Remus says putting down his book.

"Oh, um de-detention."

"really? What did you do!" Sirius says laughing.

"Uh, I was Tr-trying to p-prank some fi-fifth years, but ended up pra-pranking McGonagall."

"Though break bud." Remus says, picking his book back up again. They did't realize I took the cloak.

"Where's J-james?" I ask.

"He's in the kitchens, moping." Sirius says.


They didn't suspect a thing.

Told you it would be short.

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