The Sorrow's Of Goodbye [My breakup poem]

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Lying in the soft green grass

Staring at the stars up above

A memory that is sure to last

Surrounded by beauty and love

How could it get better? I ask

My heart gets stuck in my throat

As your face in my mind flash

The laughs and all we wrote

All the silly objects we named

The times you made me smile

I have all the memories framed

I wish I could have it more awhile

But it's all over now not another sound

I miss him more with each day

It's the opposite for him I found

Random pains I want to go away

My lovely Lizard my Prince Charming

Moody, sweet, funny, and serious

Gave me a feeling that was quite alarming

I'm told I should be furious

But I know him more then anyone knows

All these feelings I just cannot show

So I'll pretend to careless then you

Even though if you asked I'd say I do....

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