Chapter 1

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"I am so tired!"I said standing beside my best friend, Charles, who was wiping the plates. I too joined to help him.

"I hate your dad!! It's all because of him!"He said getting angry.
"It's not because of him. And you know that. He needed money for my mom's cancer treatment."I said defending my dad who died few months ago.
"Still defending him after what he treated you like? I hate your dad even though he is dead."he said trying not to loose his cool.
"Charles, you know how much he loved mom and that's the reason he was upset after she died."I said trying to make my point.
"Yeah, right! As if she was not your mom. You too lost her but instead of supporting you, being there for you, he started treating you like a stranger, blaming everything on you and even saying that you are not his daughter. And on top of that he became an alcoholic. You dropped out of high school to work and help him, wasn't sacrificing your entire life of any worth to him. Even today, you are working to pay off the loan! Is this how he should have treated his only daughter and only family left?"He said clenching his fist.
"Please don't start again. You know that he did all that just because he was sad and he didn't mean any of the things he said."I said holding his hand.
He sighed.

"Ok. I won't talk about all those things but you need to stop over working yourself, please."he said arranging the plates.
"I am not over working myself."I said giving him another plate. He gave me a look.
"Ok. Maybe a little. But, you know how important it is for me to pay off the loan."I said.

"And on top of that I leech off you too."he said sighing.
"That's not true! When you graduate from your fashion designing institute and become a fashion designer, then I will become the one to leech off."I said winking at him.
He laughed out loud.
"I really won't let you do these many jobs and also pay off all your loans."he said with excitement.
"We will see about that."I said. I can't make him pay for the loans that we took.
"I AM GONNA PAY BACK YOUR LOAN. And that's it!"He said acting like a three year old kid. He is such a baby.
"Ok. Ok. Let's finish this up fast and go home. I am really tired and it's gotten too late. And on top of that I have to wake up early tomorrow."I said arranging the plates.
"Ok, let's hurry up!"He said keeping the last plate.

"Let's go and wipe the tables now."he said and we both went to do the last work of the day.

Charles is the most caring and loving person I know. He is my best friend since I was a kid. We met in kindergarten and hit it off the moment we met.

He was never the kind of person to hate anyone but now he hates my dad because he thinks I am suffering because of him.

My parents loved me more than anyone else and being a single child, I was given all the love they had. But, then we came to know about my mom's cancer. We were not that rich but my dad had a decent job in a company and had saving too but that wasn't enough to pay off the hospital bills and my dad took a lot of loans.

Dropping out of high school was all my decision because I wanted to get a job and help my dad. That phase changed dad a lot. He had so much stress plus mom's condition was getting worse. The worst came after mom passed away two years ago, it left me and dad devastated.

Dad left his job and became an alcoholic which added more to the loan we took. But, I don't blame him. He loved mom a lot and for him, her death wasn't an easy thing to handle.

Then, the only family member I had, left me. My dad died due to overdrinking five months ago.

It was really hard for me to handle myself after his death but Charles was there for me, he and his parents helped me and supported me till I was able to get back to being myself.

I can never forget my parents but I need to be strong so that I can pay off the loan and save my house, the house I grew up in, the house that has all the memories of my parents, the house where I spent the happiest years of my life.

I just need to be strong and everything will be fine and I have Charles by my side so I don't have to worry.

"Are you done?"Charles asked, bringing me out of my train of thoughts.
"Yeah! Almost."I said wiping the last table when suddenly a kid came running and hugged my legs.

"Mommy!!!!"he said in his sweet cute voice.

Charles and I looked at each other confused.

So, this is the first chapter. I hope you liked it. I know that I just wrote the whole life story of the female lead but that's only because there won't be any other incident to write it.
Sorry for the long wait.😅😅 I really took a longggg break😅😅
I will publish on Mondays and Friday.😁

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