Authors Note: Thanks for reading my book but this is a sequel to The Girl Next Door. A spin off with Emiliana as the main character Enjoy.

I wrote this many years ago and the plot of this story is a little shaky. I welcome anyone to read it, but beware that there are many plot holes and mistakes within this story.


-Emilianas POV-

I was currently unpacking boxes & jamming to the music blaring through my ear phones. I was now a college student. I was happy. I fucking graduated, I fucking graduated. It was hard to believe. I started jumping around & dancing as if I had drunk a dozen energy drinks or coffee or something. I was swinging my hair left to right & then rotatig my whole head. I was just very ecstatic about everything, I was going to college, & I graduate high school. Which was shocking but whatever. My mom wasn't happy when she found out I was going to college in Arizona but she would just have to deal with it, Its not like I won't go see her every holiday.

I began to back up while swinging my hair to P!nk & ended up bumping into something soft but hard. I turned swiftly as I heard a crash, followed by a groan. There, I saw a girl with brown hair & smooth brown skin sitting on the floor.

"I am so sorry." I said, helping her up.

She smiled, while waving her hand dismissvely. She looked down at the stack of boxes she had been carrying which were scrambled all over the floor now. She sighed, & bend down to pick them up.

"Hey, do you need help?" I asked.

"That'd be great."

I bend over to help her, & put her things back inside of the box. She smiled, & began to drag the boxes to the other half of the room. She was stunning, short, brown hair, flawless light brown skin. Too beautiful, She reminded me of the girl who hurt me. Who broke my heart into 2 pieces. She smiled, her hazel eyes beaming. She stepped forward, reaching for the box in my hands, & she got a little too close causing me to step back, & slipping on a sheet of paper.

I landed with a loud thud, & also hurt my ass. I stood up, & rubbed my ass with my right hand while taking my ear phones out with my left. She looked amused but frightened to laugh.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded, & walked over to the rest of the boxes, & helped her move them to the her side of the room.

"You know, you haven't told me your name but you've helped me move my stuff." She said.

"You didn't ask."

"Fair enough, whats your name beautiful?"

My head whipped up at her, & rose an eyebrow.

She wasn't looking at me but instead filling her dresser with clothes.

"Emiliana, what about yours?"

"LaQuishanique." She said, without turning around.

"Um.. nice name?"

"You like it?"

"Um. Sure.."

She laughed, like seriously cracked up & fell on the ground laughing with her hair in her face.

"What's funny?" I asked, raising a brow.

"That is NOT my name, my name is Jasmine but most people call me Jas or Jassy."

"Oh." I said in a small voice.

She jumped on her bed, on her stomach, & watched me.

"Tell me 'bout yourself."

"Well my name is Emiliana Juarez, I am mexican, I am a lesbian, & I like to smoke & drink."

"Coool, I am Jasmine Thomas, I am not mexican but I speak spanish & i like to smoke & party. Also, I am a lesbian."

She winked, & my mouth fell open. I didn't expect her to be a lesbian. Sudden knocking at the door, caused me to jump.

"Hey." He said, as he casually stroded into the room, a beautiful girl on his arm.

He was buff, with short black hair. The girl had red hair, & big brown eyes. She wore a tight pink v-neck, black leggings, & all black converse. He wore a muscle shirt which was clearly meant to show off his muscles, & basketball shorts.

"Jassssssss baby." The red head screeched.

"Riri." She yelled, & they collided in a hug.

"Donny." Jas yelled again, & hugged the man.

I stood there awkwardly, before retreating back to my side of the room.

"Guys meet me room mate." Jas said, before bringing them over to my bed where I laid.

"Rina, Donald. This is my beautiful room mate Emiliana."

"Nice to meet you Emiliana. Beautiful name." Rina said.

"Nice too meet you." Donald said, smiling.

"You too." I said smiling back.

They all sat on my bed, & began asking me questions.

I answered them the best of my capibility before they smiled, & nodded at each other then at Jasmine who smiled, & jumped up & down.

I didn't know what the fuck was going on. So, I rose an eyebrow & looked at them crazy. They all just smiled at me, before leaving my side of the room, & returning to Jas's.

The fuck?


-------------------------> Jasmine on the side :D

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