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this is the lake that they are currently in ^^^


"I don't have time for your bullshit, Aurora, lets go, stop procrastinating and get your ass out of the water.", the Alpha said rolling his eyes and pointing towards the miniature dock. 

"Ok, listen here,  mr. alpha bitch, I don't give a fuck of what you want me to do, but trust me I'm not getting out of this damn lake!" I yelled, getting frustrated with his stupidity and ignorance at the fact that I want currently clothed-less..

"All I hear, are your shitty lies!" He yelled back, except the force behind his voice could shake mountains, his facial features contorting into a look of anger, and his chest puffing out. Speaking of which, his chest, well his chest looked so perfect. I mean obviously nows not the time to talk about it, but its so fucking hot, the way the sun reflected off of the water drop dripping on his pecks, and how firm the were. If I could pause him in his current situation, and inspect him and ogle over his body I would, but now wan't the time, and I had a very pissed off alpha to deal with.

"The only thing shitty here, is you!" I say swimming closer to him and poking my finger at his chest,"You're a shitty person, man, god! You're a shitty alpha!" I yelled, my eyes changing color from the amount of emotion flowing through my body. Mabel had always told me that my abilities would be unlocked through a flow of extreme feeling, like the emotion I was feeling now. 

He looked surprised as he saw my eyes for a second; I turned away. I gripped my arm underwater, tightly, as i let my claws elongate into my fore arm, piercing the skin and flesh. I let out a little groan, as I felt the lake water rush into the bleeding wound, which would cause it to heal longer. It was one thing Mabel taught me, pain ignites my inner monster, then pain ignites my outer human.

My eyes shifted back to their original color as I turned back to Alpha Blaze, his jaw clenched but his eyes curious. Quickly masking his emotions, he narrowed his eyes.

"I'm only say this one time, Aurora, get out."

"And I'm only saying this one time, Alpha, I'm naked."



"I'm not kidding."

"Me neither."

His eyes blazed into mine (no pun intended), mine staring back at his , with an equal amount of fury. We stayed like that for a long time, before I noticed his eyes turned dark red, and giving off a slight terrifying luminescence. The glow grew stronger and stronger, until the water around was reflecting of f of it and turning red.

"Ok! Ok. I get it." I said, breaking eye contact. "You may not think I am naked but you really have know really way of knowing. Whereas I know I am naked, so why don't you let me swim to the docking over there, shift in my wolf, without you looking may I add, and then run to your territory in wolf form." I finished, apprehensively.

Giving me a look over, he let out a gruff nod and went in front of me to swim back to shore. He suddenly stopped.

I let out an irritated,"What?"

"When we go to my territory, you'll be to slow to keep up with me."



3rd  person POV

Beta Xavier paced back and forth in front of the top head of Alpha Blaze's Pack. 

"They're still not back!" he yelled in frustration, his voice full of worry and frustration. Though the beta was a total teddy bear, he knew how to act tough and shit when it came time for it.

While Aurora and Blaze were trying to find their way back to the pack, the rest had already reached and were extremely alarmed when they heard that the alpha wasn't there yet. Of course, immediately, everyone tried to mind link the alpha, but nothing seemed to work. Xavier immediately ordered the pack inside, and had only the top leaders and heads to stay. 


Xavier's mate Isabelle approached him for behind.

"It'll be alright, the big bad wolf knows how to handle himself." She said, placing a hand on his shoulder in comfort.

Xavier said nothing but nodded in acknowledgement.

Isabelle pondered into her own thoughts about the girl, supposedly called Aurora. Suddenly she looked up and heard footsteps and the snapping of branches. From out of the wood came Alpha Blaze, dirt covering him, and blood running down his shoulder, his 6 pack was prominent as he stood only in boxers covered in grime. His hair was greasy and disheveled, as he ran a hand through it shakily.

Next to him stood a girl, with beautiful rosy hair cascading down her shoulder, framing her face. She looked untouched, just completely soaked in water. Her clothes were a whole other story, with the shortest jean shorts, practically in shreds, bare foot, and a loose tank top that was ripped so it was basically a crop-top, showing half of her lacy bra. She groaned and unintentionally leaned into the Alpha.

Isabelle suddenly heard a voice from behind her.

"Man, they look like they just had rough fuck."

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