Life has been perfect. I got the best boyfriend in the world. I got the best friends in the world . I got the greatest brothers in the world. Nothing could go wrong (or at least that's what i thought).

My friends has been at my house for a month and a half helping me with my mom. They would cook, clean, and even bring her places she needed to go. We were all watching a movie when all of our phones (except moms) vibrates. We all looked up at each other and picked up our phone.

"You have been invited to SAMANTHA party. Lets just say you shouldn't miss it 8156 lakenview street."

I looked up at my phone and looked up at everyone. I guess they got they same text as well.

"Mom there's a party and i was wondering if we could go since you know, we don't have school until they fix the school back up for us?" i asked.

Mom looked up and smiled "well since y'all have been such heavenly angels and helped me out when y'all didn't have to, you can go." we all jumped up and hugged each other.

Then i stopped and hugged my mom VERY tight "OH thank you thank you mom. I love you so much."

Still smiling she said "I love you too sweetie. Now. Just in case you never notice you are Kinda choking me." I let her go and went back to the movie. I have the best mom ever.

Hey fam💖! I swear this teacher getting in my nerve today. I'm currently on Math and he trying to give us all silent lunch. There's this kid in my class and i am about to stab. He makes me so mad. Anyway, I kinda have some drama planned for the book, get ready!

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