As I open the door i said "Finally I'm home." I've been at the hospital for a couple of days now.

They found out that mom had Thyroid cancer but they cure it, before it could get worse which I'm happy for. "My life is perfect." I walked to the couch and Rylie, Alex, Ryan, Anthony (tony), Chris and mom sat by me and we watched a movie. It was dark when we came home about 6:59 so we decided to put on a scary movie.

I sat by Ryan. Mom sat by Alex and Chris. Riley sat by Tony. I laid my head on Ryan shoulder. He smelt like Axe spray. He put his finger through my hair and start playing with it. I looked at him and smiled. He makes me so happy. It was getting late so mom went upstairs and went to sleep. I looked at Rylie And Tony who apparently were making out. I tapped Ryan and told him to look. He looked and started to laugh. "Too much PDA." He said making them stop, their whole face was red of embarrassment. Then I looked at Alex who was sleeping. "Hey guys y'all wanna sleep upstairs?"

No one said nothing They all ran upstair like speed of lighting. I had to tap Alex to wake him up, but when he woke up he sluggishly dragged himself up stair, until I heard a door slam upstairs. I forgot he had his own room. He's like family so why wouldn't We give him one? Rylie and Ryan technically have their own as well.

Ryan was the one still waiting for me. He walked up to me and had his hand on my hips and kissed me. "Does this mean we are together?" I said. He nodded his head 'yes' and I smiled. "No it don't. You have to ask me first." I said giggling. "Lisa Matthews, Would you be my girlfriend." I nodded my head repeatedly, smiling from ear to ear. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my feet around him.

His gentle lips against mines. He started grabbing on my ass. It felt so good that i accidentally let out a moan. He was taken aback, but it didn't stop him from giving me one last peck on the lips. We stopped kissing and went upstairs with the others.

Boys in one room. Girls in one room.

I groaned and went in my room- to see Rylie already asleep on my bed. I chuckled at the site of my bestfriend, before jumping in the bed. I couldn't sleep. I thought about one thing; Ryan.

Ryan- you don't know what you do to me.

Hello, fam! I'm back. Lol. I have school this early in the morning but I just had to write this. Currently sipping on a cup of tea whatchu get tv. I'm weird. But thank you for the votes And comments.

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