Chapter Eighteen: Computer Hacker

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"Right here." Kate pointed to the screen, "Rockford, Illinois."


"Is this it?" I asked, looking at street names.

Before we left the cafe, Kate looked up these tourists booths. She said it was to look for a map.

"Yeah, right here." Kate walked over to a small booth.

"Hi, how may I help you?" an old man asked.

"Do you happen to have a map for Illinois?" Kate asked sweetly.

The man looked confused for a second and then nodded. The guy disappeared for a second and came back with a small map. Kate reached for it and took it.

"Is that it?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you." she smiled and walked towards Alyce and I.

"Guy acts like he ain't never heard of someone asking for a map of Illinois."

"Maybe no one ever comes around asking for a map of Illinois. We're in California."

"Kinda far away," Alyce interrupted.

I don't know what that girl was doing.

"What are you doing Alyce?" I asked.

"Scaring old people."

"And babies," she added.

That makes more sense...maybe just a bit.

"And you're doing that because..."

"Why am I doing that?" she asked herself.

I shook my head slowly.

"So, where to?" I asked Kate while Alyce walked up to a stroller and scared the baby without doing anything.

I grinned at her weirdness.

"It'll take four to six hours."

"You're underestimating our flying powers." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"No, I'm serious. Look."

  The map was open and the distance from California to Illinois did look far away. I could go about a hundred miles an hour. Maybe even more. Depends how bad we want to get to the location.

"How fast do you want to go there?"

Kate looked worried.


  We were zipping away in the sky. My natural instincts (not that natural since it came from the GeneMod) were telling me we were going about a hundred and thirty nine miles an hour. That's fast. I could tell what states we have passed by because of the huge signs they had at every border. Right now, the three of us were riding along the Nevada and Kansas border.


  One more state to go and we would be there. It's been probably three hours already, give or take. Alyce looked more scared this time as we were flying much much faster then the other times. Her knuckles were white as she was desperately trying to hold on as tight as she can so she wouldn't drop to the ground. I was trying my best to not let her drop.

  Our plan when we got the the Faylen-Gene's Institution? It was a half ass plan, but it'll do. Mostly, we're going to get ''inside''. By that, hopefully one of us know how to hack into a computer. We decided we would all try to hack into the computer.

  I mean, the GeneMod Institution must've put some kind of hacking-computers gene...right? We have everything else underneath the sun. For Heaven's sake, I can see into the future! I wonder if the Faylen-Gene's was still up and running. Not that I'd want it to, but that report from the library we read was like from ten years ago.

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