I walked in class and took my seat. The class was empty so I sat and stared at the ceiling.

One boring white block on the wall. Two boring white block on the wall. Three boring white block on the wall.....

I guess I lost track of time because I was already on twenty-five when someone came in the classroom. Minutes later, more people came in.

A couple of girls came up to me and said "this means war" and walked away. I said to myself, Wow what are they five? It's just a boy.

As I looked at them and turned back around Ryan, Rylie, and. Tony, came into class and sit with me like we always do. Ryan, Antony (Tony) sat on one sit while Rylie, and I sat on the other side. It was quiet. We were all looking at our phones.

"Okay class" said Mrs. Alice. "Today we are going to have a fire drill and tornado drill, so today I need you to be on your best behavior."

Everyone groaned. "Why do we gotta do those?"

"Safety drills are exercises that we can use as teaching moments to prepare students and staff how to respond appropriately to numerous potential emergencies," she started to say. "Drills include tornado, three per year, fire, monthly, lockdown, each semester, shelter in place and earthquake. Some are required by the state, while others are recommended by district administrators."

"That's you telling us what it is, we want to know why do we have it." Someone in the back said.

Mrs. Alice rolled her eyes before continuing on. "Preparing for a safety drill involves making sure all staff, including substitute teachers, know the plan, and that students are reassured, not frightened, by the process. The county and board of education rely on teachers to communicate the reason for the drills: to practice and become better in case of an actual unsafe situation," she said finally ending her conversation with us.

All of a sudden the fire alarm went off and so did the intercom. "This is not a drill, there is a real fire. Stay calm and exit class room correctly." Everyone got up and ran to the door, screaming. No one was calm at all. They were trampling each other like a herd of cows. They ran out the door all at once, but since everyone was pushing, I tripped and hurt my ankle. "Oww fuck" i said.

Everyone saw me but didn't care they ran past me. Their life was more important than mines. Someone trampled me. Chloe stopped and looked at me and said "Awwwe look at the helpless one now." and stepped on my foot and walked away.

My blood boiling and a scream "ooooowwww fuck". The pain was killing me and I couldn't even leave. This would be the day I would die for sure.

I smelt the smoke and start coughing. I swear I was hallucinating because i saw some people coming towards me, all screaming my name. "Lissaa," someone said coughing. "where are you."

I could barely breath, but Istill screamed creamed "right here... Help me I cant move."

All of a sudden I saw a light coming towards me, but it was too late. I had past out and hit my head. I felt my body getting lifted off of the floor. I Could feel everyone presence by me.

Then I heard the sirens of an ambulance. I tried opening my eyes, but couldn't. Was I alive?

Hey babes! I'm currently watching ghost whispers. I'm kind of mad how they ended it. But I have gossip girl to finish which I'm mad about that too. I have the fosters, Hawaii five-0, blue bloods, arrow, and some other shows to finish. What's your favorite shows?

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