"What..I don't want you to think that I'm not interested in you." He says to me, I snort. 

"I get it, really. You don't have to explain yourself." I say and start to unlock my door. 

"No, Allison. It's a long story." He finally sighs and runs his hand through his hair. I roll my eyes. 

"Stop. I get it." I say, turning to him with my eyes filling wit tears, I quickly turn away and walk into my door, "Goodnight, Mr. Styles. 

"Allison pl-" 

I slam the door in his face as he tries to talk to me. I can't help but let the tears fall from my face. I sob escapes my lips and I cover my mouth. I don't understand why I'm crying so hard, but I am. When a guy is handsome as Harry Styles turns you down, it hurts. Especially if your whole life has been nothing but denial from the guys you've been crushing on. I'm tired of being the girl that's more like a 'friend' then something more. 

I see that the apartment is pitch black, thank god, Steph is asleep. I rush to my room and close the door, kicking off my shoes and ripping that stupid dress off of me. I throw on an over sized Ohio State jersey, that I bought when I vacationed to Ohio, and climb into bed, letting my quiet sobs drift me off to sleep...


"Congratulations to Miss Allison Carter for the wonderful interview with Mister Harry Styles!" My boss announces as we all clink champagne glasses and take a ship. Week one of post depression Harry has ended, and it's been really hard, trying to get over that curly hair of his, or those green eyes, or that voice of his... I'm brought out of my trance when I get people tapping my shoulder and saying good job. Everyone seemed to love my article, even the bit where I asked him if he was gay, I definitely couldn't leave that part out! The article was published today in the newspaper, and now my name is being mentioned in a couple cities. It's pretty cool, but stressful, because what if people don't like it? 

Someone squeezes onto my shoulders and I turn around to see a smiling Liam looking down at me. I relax a little. 

"Hi!" I smile, taking a sip of this disgusting boxed white wine. 

"Look at you getting all cozy with the boss." He teases, pushing my shoulder a little. 

"Ha-ha, very funny." I joke with him, he laughs, "Are we still going out tonight?" 

"Hell yeah!" He smiles, "Funky Buddha tonight!" 

"I can't wait!" I've been waiting all week to just hang out with my two best friends and unwind." I say to him, as we set our champagne glasses in the break room sink and start to leave the building. 

"I'm going to get you shit-faced tonight!" He says and laughs, I roll my eyes. 

"Maybe I'll actually let you tonight." I joke. 

"What time should i be at your place?" He asks me. 

"Uhm, 10? Steph needs all the time in the world to get ready, I giggle, thinking about my room mate. 

"Yeah, right." He rolls his eyes. 

"So, I'll see you at 10?" I ask him as we exit the front door of the building, he nods his head. 

"See ya!" He waves and he turns the opposite direction to his car. I turn to the right and head for the parking lot. I get into my car and turn it on, I set my purse on the passenger seat and something falls to the floor. 

"Hm?" I say to myself as I reach over and pick it up. 

It looks like a business card of some sort, there is a number that has "Cell" written on the back of it in blue ink. I turn it around and my stomach turns as I see whose it is. 'Mr. Harry E. Styles, Foster Inc.' I stare it for a couple seconds and realize that I never had his number or e-mail until now, how weird? I stick the card into my wallet and pull out of the parking lot and drive, speeding a little, home.

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