Chapter 27

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~Alice's POV~

I'm sitting on the couch with Bella and Rose. Emmett and Jasper are wrestling on the floor in front of us. If they break anything, Esme's going to flip. Edward is over at his piano, while Esme stands and listens. Carlisle is reading a medical journal upstairs in his office. Alyssa and Seth are at the beach on the reservation. Addie is sleeping and Chloe is listening to Taylor Swift. I can hear her quietly singing along to the song "All To Well".

I'm just thinking about what i'm going to dress the twins in, when i get a vision.

*Vision Starts*

"Come on, Addie. We need to go train." Chloe says. Addie doesnt want to wake up yet, so Chloe flips the bed and Addie gets thrown into her wall. Fighting breaks out and Addie ends up phasing. When they come back down, i look at Addie and she shields my mind from Edward.

'Can Bella and i come watch you train?' i ask Chloe through my mind.

She gives a slight nod that no one notices but me.

*Vision ends*

I jump up and start squealing and clapping my hands. i get to see the twins-Wait, Edward can read my mind.

"Alice, why are you so excited?" Edward asks. Maybe he didnt hear...


"Why are you saying the alphabet forwards and backwards in your head?" Edward asks. i look at Bella to shield me.

"Love, why are you shielding her?" Edward asks Bella.

"She asked me to." she shrugged.

"Thank you, Bella! Come on! We have somewhere to go!" i squeal, pulling her up the stairs. She goes with me and we run into Chloe's room. She was getting dressed in some clothes that she can move freely in.

"We are going to watch you train. I saw it in a vision." i whisper so only Chloe and Bella would hear.

"Okay..." she said, pulling out her ear phones as we followed her to Addie's room.

"Come on, Addie. We need to go train." She whispers, shaking Addie's shoulder.

"Later." Addie responds, sleepily.

"No, right now." she said, slipping her hands under the mattress.

I grabbed Bella and pulled her outside into the hallway, shutting Addie's door.

"I think it's safer out here." i whisper to Bella. She looks questioningly at me. A huge 'BAM' sound came from the room. it was Addie being thrown into the wall. breaking wood and angry screaming erupts from the room. Jazz, Emmett, Edward, and Carlisle run over to the door, but i stop them from going in. Growling and barking start coming out of the room and the boys try to go in again.

"Just leave it alone, guys. I'll go settle the...misunderstanding." i say.

"There is a mutt in there." Emmett growls.

"I understand." i say. "I will handle it."

I quickly slip in the door and tell Bella to make sure they dont come in.

I go over and pull Addie off of Chloe. She smells like a wolf...gross.

"Calm down, the boys are all trying to barge in." i tell her. She phases back and i hand her some clothes. She gets dressed and i throw a brush to Chloe. After they both look descent, we walk out into the hallway with smiles on our faces.

"What just happened in there?!?" Emmett asked.

"Oh, nothing. It's all good. Aunt Alice, Aunt Bella, let's go for a walk." Chloe said. We all start going downstairs. When we are far enough into the woods, Addie and Chloe stop and turn to us.

"So i need you to stay away from us so we dont have to worry about hurting you." Chloe said.

"Or protecting you." Addie adds. Bella and i nod.

They walk into the middle of the clearing and get into a crouch. They circle eachother for a little while before Chloe makes a move. She starts making wierd movements that look like a mixture of yoga, dancing, and karate. Then, out of nowhere, fire comes out of the ground on her right side, and water comes out on her left side. They turn into objects that look like huge water and fire snakes, They start slithering over to Addie. Chloe continues moving her hands to control the snakes. Then they both attack and lunge at Addie at the same time. Addie puts her hands out infront of her and the snakes go flying away toward Chloe. Chloe puts her hands out and the fire and water absorb into her palms.

Then Addie puts her hands out and up. Chloe goes flying about 20 feet into the air and spinning. Then she starts falling. Right before she hits the ground, She puts her hands out and it seems like there is somesort of tornado around her. It starts at her waist and spirals down. She laughs and starts throwing fire and ice balls at Addie.

Bella and i are just sitting there, staring in amazement. This is SO COOL!

After about an hour of the power combat, they switch over to physical combat. This isn't as interesting, but it was cool when Chloe made Addie mad and she phased. Then they started fighting again. After about two and a half hours of them training, we all made our way to Edward and Bella's meadow.

"This is where we always go after training." Addie says.

It's night time when we get back to the house. Everyone is waiting for us,of course. Waiting to bombard us with questions. Chloe seems to be the best at lying, so i hope she has a plan.

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