Your dead wrong

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So, I asked dad and the boys to get me a concert. They did, now I'm nervous as hell. "Drew, what's the set list?" My family asks me. All the guys and girls I know are here, my boys, sws, falling in reverse, ptv, real friends, Demi, bvb, and Juliet Simms.
"Set list is as follows: jersey by my dad and the guys, just like you by Ronnie, skyscraper and warrior by Demi, do it now remember it later and if I'm James dean by Kellin, even robots need blankets by my guys, sanctuary, and eye of the tiger." I said, "that's awesome drew!" They all said. "Who's gonna be your band? Or are you gonna one man band it up?" Kellin asked. "I might need a band... But I know for a few positions who to take, ash on bass, Jake on drums, Alex on guitar, Demi on piano, Andy fucking biersack on the most important instrument out there, the cowbell. Please?" I asked them politely "hell yeah well do it!" Said most of the guys, "little Andy, how the hell do I play the cowbell?" Andy asked, I said "well biersack, you hold it like this," I showed him "and you completely go to town on it" I smiled back the determination is his eyes was flawless, "what about you mama demdem?" I asked, started calling Demi mama a few weeks back when I realized she was the closest to a mom I'd had in a while. "Well sweetheart, I'd be honored to help with whatever." She kissed my head. "And dad I have a special favor to ask you" I said sweetly "ugh, what is it son?" Dad complained. "Do you rap?" I asked jokingly, "yo cabby gimme a beat" cabby started beat boxing, he rapped horribly but it was hilarious. "Your hired as my rap guy" everyone just bursted out laughing.
(Time skip)
I was playing do it now remember it later, and someone yelled "holy shit he has a gun!!"
I was about to start wheeling off when everyone ran around me like madmen, Demi almost crying, scared I looked down. I had been shot. Then it all went black

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