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"Sorry _______, our dorm is really messy. But don't worry, my hyungs are kind and approachable." Bobby smiled at me as I remove my shoes in front of their dorm's door. This my first time to meet iKON.

I also can't believe that my cousin Bobby is one of the members. I am the luckiest fangirl :D

"Bobby hyung!" Chanwoo ran to Bobby and hugged him. They haven't seen Bobby for a week because he visited us and his mom. Wow, they really miss Bobby so much.

"How are you?! We missed you!" Hanbin squealed. I left frozen. Who will not freeze in this kind of situation? Your idols are already in front of you. But of course, I won't act weird.

"Is she your cousin?" Junhoe asked Bobby as he pointed me out. I bowed at them and showed a wide smile.

"Yes. Um, meet my cousin, _______." They all smiled at me and bowed too. My hands feel so cold and nervous. Seeing my biases gives me chills.

"Nice to meet you _______!" Yunhyeong greeted and waved at me. I waved too and smiled at him. He looks so cute ugh why.

"Oh, we prepared our dinner! Let's go at the dining room!" Donghyuk cheerfully said and jogged in the kitchen. Gosh, I feel so fluttered. Seeing them welcoming me is one of my happiest day in life.

"They're so friendly right? You gotta thank me." Bobby whispered. I playfully punched him in the arm and we both chuckled.

We all went to the dining room. There are different kinds of korean foods on the table.

Everyone is busy preparing the table. They seem so happy. Before, I am only looking at them on my phone but now, they are already in front of me.

I insisted myself to get some chopsticks. When I was about to get it, a hand touched mine, stopping me from lifting the chopsticks.

"______, you are a visitor here. Just sit there and wait okay?" I stared at his face. Jinhwan stared at me too and I pulled my hand. Then I felt my face blushing.

"O-Okay. Thanks." I shyly smiled and went to my chair.

"Let's eat!" Bobby said and we started getting spoonful of delicious foods that Yunhyeong and Donghyuk prepared.

"So, hyungs, this is my cousin that you really want to meet. Now ask her the questions that you want to ask." I glanced away. They really want to know me? I didn't expect that.

"Don't be shy! _______ would love to meet you personally too." They all looked at me. I felt my cheeks burning.

"_______, do you already have a boyfriend?" I almost choked whe Hanbin asked me that.

"Hey are you okay?" Chanwoo asked as I cough. He handed me a glass of water then I drank it.

"Sorry for that question." Hanbin said and bit his lip.

"No no don't say sorry. I-I don't have a boyfriend for now." I replied and continued eating again.

"What is your ideal type of guy?" Junhoe asked. My fingers are shaking. Why are they asking me questions like that? But whatever, I am enjoying this moment haha

"I like guys who are kind, understanding, and the one who could make me feel special." Junhoe glanced away as our eyes met. Aaaah my hearteu.

"How old do you want to have a boyfriend?" Jinhwan asked that made me blush more.

"Yah! Why are you asking her like that? I am not yet allowing my cousin to have a boyfriend. Clear?" Bobby interrupted.

"We're just curious okay? Of course she is the first girl that came here inside our dorm." Hanbin protested. I chuckled. I didn't realize that I am already done eating.

"Bobby, my mom is already finding me. She said I need to go home now." I whispered to Bobby. My mom just sent me a message. He nodded and faced to the other members again. I want to savour this moment with my idols.

"Hyungs, ______ needs to go now." They all faced at me with their sad eyes.

"Don't worry oppas, I will visit here again next time if you are free." I smiled but I feel sad too. Time flies so fast.

"See you soon again _______!" Yunhyeong said and tapped me on the shoulder. Oh my.

"Nice meeting you!" Donghyuk said as he bowed at me.

"Let's go _______. I'll walk you outside." Bobby asked and grabbed my arm.

"Bye! Jal gayo!" They all said and I gave them my last glance. I smiled, becoming teary.

"Take care as you go home. Say hi to my aunt." Bobby said and he waved at me as he return again inside the YG building.

I took a deep breath and smiled.

"My dream already came true." I said to myself.


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