Chapter 4

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         My mind was flooding with a million questions. I couldn't figure out as to why Mr. Greek God... Nope... Mr. Almost Killer would look at me that way. We had never met. He had never seen me. Then why? Maybe the look wasn't directed at me. Like, come on there were a bunch of people standing behind and around me. Maybe he was just staring into space thinking about something else and had zoned out, which means he was not particularly looking at me. Or maybe he has some eye problem and his eyes moved in a different direction from what or where he wanted to see. Or then maybe...

''Earth to Samantha. Where are you lost huh?" Carly questions, bringing me out of my daze. I shake my head slightly to clear my thoughts which she takes as a denial and I say,

"Oh, nothing Carl. I was just thinking about how this year would be. You know being a senior and stuff."

"I think it's gonna be an awesome year. For instance, we are all together and it feels as if optimism is literally flowing through the air." Carly replies assuring a part of me that has that small nudging feeling every time.


   As we walk to the assembly for the year beginning speech by our principal, there is a chatter of students all around. I enter the assembly hall and stand with my friends. After about 5 minutes the bell rings and our principal Mr.Steveson appears on the stage hushing the students just with his stern look and posture. Looking all around assembly hall, he begins his speech in a soothingly cheerful voice.

"Good morning all my dear students. A very warm welcome to this new academic year. I wish you all a great start and an incredible end, especially to the graduating students. I hope you put forth your best performance in all fields and subjects to raise yourself and your school to another higher level of glory and success. This year I expect each and every one of you to stay determined. Not that you should not enjoy. But focus, is necessary. I need you all to think of the future and not just waste your time here and there. I want my students, my dear children to revolutionize the world with the amazing varied capabilities that you all are born and blessed with. Also, this year would be full of surprises, but only if you can earn them. With this being said, I wish you all a successful new academic year and all the very best of luck!" Mr.Mathews concludes his speech and students are supervised to go and collect their schedules for the new year.

      As I stand behind Bella, I wish I have the maximum of my classes with them. I get my schedule and we quickly compare to see what classes we have together. But to my bad luck, I only have my English class with Bella and Carly, and a history class with Bella. I sigh and shake my head to clear my thoughts.

        As I walk to towards my first class that is my Math class, I dread what's gonna happen. Yep. Maths is a subject I totally adore. I'm so in love with that subject that I lose sanity when it comes to solving a simple problem. And luckily that is my first class on my first day. Yay! Yeah. That was sarcasm.

I enter the class with a bunch of students following me and take a seat near the window on the third last bench. I would love to take the last bench and turn invisible but taking the last bench means the teacher automatically assumes you as a time-passing brat and I wouldn't want any troubles this year now, would I? I settle my bag and wait for the teacher to arrive. After about two minutes I see Mr.Almost Killer entering the class with his group of friends which I don't know how he managed to make on his very first day itself. Gushes and sighs of adoration pass around the class, especially coming from girls. I would do that too, I mean that guy is fudging gorgeous, but I don't adore people who try to kill me. Yeah yeah. You may think I'm being a bit over exaggerative about this but you are not in my shoes right now. And you are not even me. So I can totally understand if your views differ. He sits on the last benches of the middle row with his friends and gives a wink to a group of three girls sitting in the front and openly staring at him. I roll my eyes. He is the same like all the other egoistic players. I better keep my distance from him.

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