short prologue (I'm pregnant)

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Your P.O.V

Today is the day,I am going to tell my boyfriend a.k.a Lance Corporal Levi that I am pregnant...with his child. "y/n where are you,we need to talk". I looked over my shoulder to see Levi "yes honey". He walked over to me and stood behind me nuzzling his face into my neck. "I have to ask you something very important,mind following me". I nodded and followed him out of my dorm and outside. Me and Levi keep our relationship a secret,for many reasons. Like how my brother is the commander . We came to a stop under the tree we confessed at and had our first kiss at. "y/n m/n Smith I've known you since you and your brother found me and two of my dearest friends Isabel and Farlen,after there death's you were the only one who came to comfort me. You saved me...from myself. Now I can ramble on and on,but I wanted you to know this. I love you,I love you soo much. Just thinking about you makes my heart feel..weird. And I didn't just bring you out here to tell you this I came out here to say" he got down on one knee and pulled out a blue/black box. "Will you marry me and become y/n Ackerman" I decided to have a little fun with this. "No" I started to walk away leaving him with his mouth wide open,"just kidding of course" I said running back over to him. He pulled me into his arm's and kissed me "brat you scared me for a second" I chuckled my evil chuckle and pecked his nose.

¤▪~le time skip~▪¤

Ok now I'm gonna tell him! Me and Levi are in HQ's kitchen. I sneakily wrote 'I'm pregnant' on a peace of paper and put it in his cup. He was getting ready to pour his tea in it when without looking he swiped his hand around the inside of the cup,to make sure nothing was in there. His hand grazed the paper causing him to look down and pull it out. I sat up on the counter and watched as he read it out loud quality to himself. He looked up to me wide-eyed and I smiled,he looked back down to the paper and at me again giving me a questioning look just for me to nod. He placed the tea cup down and hugged me. He whispered into my ear "I-I'm going to be a dad".

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