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     I was running again.
     You'd think after 900 years I wouldn't have to anymore.
     But here I was, running for my life down an ally, away from the one person I thought I'd never see again. But, nevertheless, there he was, behind me, chasing me down once more.
     Just like old times. I don't know how this happened though, I thought all of The Original vampires had been killed and dismembered in the ocean, guess not.
     How did I even end up in this mess?

I walked into the bar and looked at my surroundings, I didn't know why, but I had this constant, itching feeling, that someone was following me, watching me. I shook off the thought. I looked around a bit more before deciding to take a seat at one of the tables. I sat there in silence, blocking out the sound of the talking humans, drunken slurs, the clumsy bartenders and any other slither of noise being made by someone or something.
     I left myself in my own thoughts, to think, to plan, to... Well, I don't really know what else. I would say relax but I am doing anything but that. You want to know why?
     That itching feeling from before? It's back.
     Is it as bad? No, it's worse.
     Am I going to brush it off again? Maybe... Maybe not... And by that I meant no, no I will not brush it off again because there is no way I'm just feeling things. I shot up from my chair and looked around frantically, searching for him. When he was no where to be seen or found, I sat back down, calming down slightly. Letting out a sigh of relief, I looked down and shut my eyes before lightly chuckling and looking up to meet his eyes...
     Here he was, the man I'd been running from for almost a millennium...
     The Original Hybrid, Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson.
     I jumped up from my seat and gave him a fearful look, he couldn't have found me.
     I shook my head, seeing his figure had disappeared. Assuming he was just a fragment of my imagination I began to turn around until I felt someone's breath on my neck and the words whispered into my ear made me break into a cold sweat.
     "Found you."

Which brings me back to now.
     I continued to sprint like hell was chasing after me, which it technically was. An Original Vampire-Werewolf hybrid that can't be killed, even if you rip out his heart or slice off his head.
     Talk about worst case scenario. These thoughts brought me to my next reasoning.
Why do I even bother running? It's clear I'm getting nowhere. I should just face him like a real man, it wouldn't matter if I died anyways. I've been alive for over 1,000 years, even though I'd hardly call it living, no one should live that long. Ah the perks of being a vampire, not.
     I stopped in my tracks and stood there, waiting for him to catch up to me. I felt a presence behind me but refused to give it my attention.
     "So, Jean, we meet again."
     I slowly turned around to meet his lifeless, cold, blue eyes.
     "Klaus." I spat with abhorrence.
     "Now, now, that's no way to speak to your best friend." He said sarcastically, giving me the same irritating smirk as always.
     "You are no friend of mine, Klaus, not after you took Kol." I snapped back.
     "But I had to, I only want our family to be together forever, forever and always. I can't do that while my father is alive."
     "Yes! Yes you can!! You could've banded together and taken him down as one! But instead you drove those damned daggers through all of their chests, Finn, Kol, Rebekah, Elijah!" Klaus lost his smirk and glared at me slightly.
     "You know... I would think that by now you'd have called your hybrids out but." I cut myself off with a fake and sarcastic gasp. "Aren't they a dying breed since your oh so precious doppelgänger is a vampire? Oh and didn't Rebekah already dispose of the doppelgänger's human blood?" A sly smirk appeared on my face before I continued. "At least this means I have you all to myself!" I then used my vampiric speed to appear behind Klaus, making an attempt to snap his neck but wasn't able to as he grabbed my arms and flipped me over, slamming me on the ground, pinning my arms above my head.
     "You think I can be fooled that easily Jean?" Klaus asked, venom laced in his words.
     "I would ask you the same." I lifted my legs, using the momentum to kick Klaus off of me, giving me the upper hand as I began dealing strong-forced punches to his face. Most would be surprised by my level of strength as most would struggle to merely touch this man in front of me. Let me just say that I wouldn't pick a fight with anyone unless I knew exactly what I was up against. While left in my thoughts I didn't realise Klaus had dodged one of my attacks and kicked me into a wall.
     "Stop pretending to be so angry with me and join me!" Klaus appeared in front of my weak form, grasping the collar of my shirt before lifting me up and using his strength to keep me against the wall. Slowly but surely he pushed me up the wall so my feet were off the ground.
     "Why in hell would I join you!?" I yelled as best as I could. "I'm not a werewolf so I can't possibly be a subject to become a hybrid, especially since you don't have the doppelgänger's blood anymore. I'd be no use!"
     "Oh but that's where you're wrong. You're stronger than you might think, but there's one thing holding you back... Well make that three, or more, really depends on how you look at it."
     "And what might that be?"
     "Your emotions... Guilt, sadness, love... The friendships and sentimentality you have with this town is holding you back from reaching your full potential."
     "So what're you suggesting I do exactly?" I raised my eyebrow at him in question.
     "Turn. It. Off." My eyes widened in surprised at Klaus' words.
     Turn it off!? Turn off my emotions? I can't, I shouldn't...
     "NO!" I yelled, spitting in his face.
     "Turn it off." Klaus repeated, seemingly getting angrier by the second.
     "I said no! I won't turn it off!"

     As if everything around me froze.
     It happened.

     I noticed Klaus' pupils dilate as he yelled out one last time. "TURN IT OFF!"


     As he let out those words in rage I felt my mind go blank. I felt nothing, empty. My facial expression became blank as I stared into Klaus' eyes.

     I had done it.
     I gave in.
     I turned off my emotions.

     There's no going back. I remembered Stefan once say. Once you turn off your emotions, you feel nothing. You could kill hundreds of people without feeling a thing... But, as soon as you're faced with the option of letting your emotions in and you accept... You'll feel guilt, regret and self-hatred... And that's something you'll live with for the rest of your life.

     There's no going back.

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