Fire Tower

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*Matt's POV*

"What are we going to do?" Emily panicked while we were surrounded by the elk.

We slowly backed away from the elk then we stopped, unsure what to do now. I was worried about what could happen to us both but there was no time to panic.

"Stay calm," I assured to Emily. "Relax. They're just deer. They just want to check us out is all."

She didn't look very convinced at all.

"No no no Matt," she said fearfully. "They're gonna hurt us-"

"Shhh," I hushed her.

We walked toward the elk in a bit of a slow manner until we stopped at one that kept making noise at us. I had an axe that maybe I should hit but but something told me that I shouldn't hurt them.

I decided not to hurt him and slowly walked past him.

"Just walk slow," I said to Emily.

She walked slowly behind me as we passed by the elk until there were no more of them. Thank goodness. We did it!

*Emily's POV*

I had the flashlight in my hand as I shined it so Matt and I could see where we were going.

We we walked down the dark and snowy path. I was determined to get to the radio. As far as I was concerned, I did not want to go back to the lodge. I was beginning to think that this killer maniac would want us to be at the lodge.

We were about to walk up the stairs when something turned on and it was bright. It had to be a light.

"Ahh! That's freaking bright," I said, covering my eyes.

"No kidding," Matt agreed, shielding his eyes too from the bright light.

"I can't see," I said. "What is that?"

"It's just a security light," he explained. "Motion sensor probably."

I agreed then we went to the stairs and walked up them. There were quite a bit of stairs.

The light sensor went off. So Matt was right after all, dammit Matt!

I saw a ladder, thinking that we had to climb up in order to get to the radio.

I climbed up the ladder then made it and waited for Matt to climb up. After he was done, we went to climb up the second ladder. Suddenly, something was feeling off. It was windier than usual.

"Ugh, why is it so windy all of the sudden?" I wondered.

"We're almost inside," Matt called back to me.

I made it up to the next level but then saw another ladder waiting for us the climb up. I looked up but saw that the hatch was closed. I pushed it up then climbed the rest of the way up and into the tower.

I shined the light where Matt was still climbing up, then he closed and locked the hatch after he climbed up.

"You alright?" Matt asked.

"Yeah," I said brushing away the snow off off of my coat.

I turned to a locker then opened it, just to see Hannah's missing poster. I shook my head sadly.

"After tonight," Matt said. "The disappearance is starting to make more sense."

I walked away from it and saw a printer. I decided to go check it out. I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't turn on.

"No power," I said. "There's gotta be a switch or something around here."

I began to look for something that could look like a switch that could turn on the power so we could turn on the radio to get help.

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