The Test Of Our Friendship

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What do you do when everything that was once perfect in your life, got completely turned upside down? Do you walk away hoping that the problem will disappear altogether? Or do I stay here and choose between my best friend and the guy we both fallen in love with.

The problem is we both love him but he only wants me back. What am I suppose to do, ignore my best friends love for him and take him for myself, or do I ignore my feelings again so my friend can have what she wants?

Elaina POV:

Chapter 1: Our introduction to Destiny

"BRIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" Stupid alarm how much I hate it always wakes me up when I have the most perfect dreams. Ugh whatever there's nothing I can do about it now? So I might as well get myself ready for my first day of senior year. Oh I forgot to introduce myself, hi my name is Elaina Rodriguez I'm 17 years old and I live in sunny California and I love it. I have long chocolate brown hair the same as my eyes and my skin tone has a little bit of a tan. I'm really thin, which is thanks to all the extended running I do on the afternoons but I'm also really healthy. And I guess you can say I'm average in the height department I'm 5'3 or something around there.

My best friend in the whole entire world is named Elizabeth but we all call her Eli. We have known each other ever since the first day of preschool when she saved me from being kicked into the sandbox and we have been inseparable ever since. People say we look a lot alike that we can pass as sisters except for some minor details. She is 5'6 and has some very nice and long legs, black long hair cut into layers and bangs, and has some nice blue eyes. And of course all the guys want to be with her.

And I guess you can say that we're popular or at least she is. She says that I am too, but I consider myself the tag along, the third wheel, etc. Every chance that I get I Always try to run away from all that craziness and be by myself but that never seems to go well with Eli she always wants me to be more socialized. Her exact words being: "Gaby you need to stop being a loner and make more friends and a boyfriend too, Stop trying to push people away." I know that she is being a bit harsh but I kind of deserved it. Two years ago I got my heart stomped on by my ex-boyfriend mike that was cheating on me who someone I thought was my friend. From that day on I hardly talk to any other person beside Eli and my family.

But anyways here I am finally headed to my first day of my last year of high school. I got dressed in a hurry because I was walking in memory with you guys trying to fill you in it at least. I got dressed with some dark blue jeans and a white tank top with some white vans. I let my hair down and straightened it and put some eyeliner and mascara on and got into my car and drove to school. It took five minutes to get there and I parked next Eli's car. Damn people could not believe me and her are best friends im so plain next to what she loks like today. She had a black short and when I say short I mean really short skirt with some heels that look like stripper heels and I dark blue tank top that of course that was so tight it looks like her boobs were about to pop out o f them.

"Hey chica" calls Eli to me.

"Hey Girl, you're outfit a little over the top don't you think so?" I tell her as soon as she is in front of me .

"Oh gods Elaina don't start again!"

"Fine, fine whatever, so how was your trip with your family?" I ask her trying to change conversation her family always go on vacation during the summer so she leaves me all by myself, I like being alone don't get me worng, but sometimes I really need to be with somebody, even if im not doing any of the talking I just want the company..

"It was ok, you know I met a guy over there, his name was Steve and oh my god Elaina he was so hot even you being the picky person that you are would have thought so."

"Yea whatever I doubt that, so what happened are you guys still together or what?" I always ask her these type of questions because I'm more of a listener instead of a talker I don't really put to much incent on anything not for a while. Eli seems ok with it, either that or she doesn't notice. She never asks me about that because she knows I don't want to talk about it, that's how well do we know each other.

"No not really, we were never committed in any way but we promised to keep in touch. And it's a good thing I did look." I turn around to see what she is looking at and see the hottest looking guy in the history of forever pulling into the parking lot. He is hot in every single way with his short black hair that looks messy but done in the same way, his amazing body that you can just see under his tight black shirt and the most gorgeous thing about him was his face. He had the nicest check structure a chiseled jaw the most kissable lips I have ever seen, and the most beautiful thing of all was his dark blue eyes.

Wait what am I saying? And why am I staring at him, im not about to be one of those girls that falls for a guy because of his looks. He's probably gonna end up being up being a Popular Jock or a hot rebel or something whatever.

"Elaina come on lets go talk to him.!!!" Eli squeals to me, to me Eli is the most predictable person in the world, well to me at least, but it doesn't take away from the suggestions she makes.

"No Eli you go ahead, besides all you're going to do is flirt with him and I'll probably just ruin your game, so go by yourself and then text me how it goes ok." Please god let her get he hint that I don't want to go over there please.

"Alright I'll see you in second period alright."

"Yeah sure." And with that she walked off trying to sway her hips all sexy, god I turned around as soon as I could so I can hold my laugh, and walked to class with a smile.

Eli's POV

Oh My god He is so HOT who wouldn't think that besides Elaina. I walked sexily to him and with that he turned around and smiled at me . Man I know what you guys are thinking why act like a hoe, is that how you really want to get a guy. And no I wish things were like with guys but hey that's how they notice you. I bet they would notice Elaina too if she would stop being so quiet and closed. Well just not this time because this guy's going to be mine.

"Hey Im Eli are you new here?"

"Yeah I am this is my first day, I'm Trevor by the way." God his voice is hot too, damn is there something about this guy that isn't perfect.

"So do you need any help finding your classes." God please say yes please.


Trevor POV:

God I didnt really need any help finding my classes but she looked so excited for me to say yes that I would feel guilty if I said no. She wasn't like the other girls around here though. She doesn't throw herself at guys she was different. But still she wasn't my type. I bet we would be friends though because she seems like a really good person to hang out with. I hope that we can be friends because I want to ask her about the gorgeous girl that was standing right next to her earlier.







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