Strictly An Assignment

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She left him behind so that he could have the happiness that he deserved with the girl that she thought was perfect for him. She went forward and didn't look back as she went away for college and later joined the CIA. Years later, loving all the danger and thrills of the life of a spy, the last place she expects to be is back home in New York City with a new assignment. An assignment that involved him.

Extended Description:
Monique Knight gets the shock of her life when she receives her latest assignment-Xavier Ellington.  They were best friends during her childhood.  They had a relationship that was almost like a brother and sister.  The only problem was that she loved him more than a brother.  Once she left for college, she never ran into him once in the last eight years until now.  He was now strictly an assignment.  She could handle him, right?  She was a professional spy after all.

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