Surprised (Chapter 11)

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It's party time! I went into the bathroom took a shower , put on some mascara & eyeliner. Put a bit of foundation on and put on a pink lace crop top with a jean skirt. Curled my hair into loose curls.

I went downstairs and the only think that caught my eyes first was Lucas hanging with these girls , they are so pretty. I sighed, continued walking down the stairs.

The party was great! The music was awesome , people were dancing , Lauren and Niall finally hit it of together! I'm searching through the house going to find Matt , I then went over to grab myself a drink. As I turned over I bumped into Matt , spilling my drink on his white shirt.

"OMG IM SO SORRY" I said trying to wipe of the drink.

"Haha, it's alright." Matt said calmly.

I grabbed his hand and lead him to try to clean it off. As I was walking I saw Lucas staring at me!

"You look pretty" Matt said.

"Thanks." I said giving him a smile

"I'm glad you came!" I said.

"Why would I miss this incredible party?!" He said then tucking my hair back my ear.

After when we finally got off the drink we went and sat on the couch to talk a bit , after 15 minutes of talking and laughing we ... KISSED! This is certainly the best night ever! The kiss didn't last long cause someone had ran the doorbell , I went over to open it and there was Marcus standing out the door with a rose in his hand...

It was so awkward, He came in and tried to hug me.

"Stop Marcus!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry!" He said.

Matt must've heard me tell stop as he came walking towards and help breaking me loose , I ran into Matt's arms and looked back at Marcus.

"Dude stop." Matt shouted.

"Why are you hugging him Kylie?!" Marcus asked in anger.

Then Marcus punches Matt.

"MARCUS" I gasped.

Matt streaks back and punched Marcus in the face.

Lucas heard them fighting at as he came rushing towards and pulling Marcus back. I ran towards Matt helping him cause his nose was bleeding..

"are you okay?" I asked as I was helping him stand straight.

"yeah" he said.

"Why Kylie? Why." Marcus said trying to get to me but can't because Lucas was keeping him back.

As Matt went home and rest , I was in my room laying on my bed and staring at the wall. This whole night was a disaster! Why did Marcus have to come?

*knock knock*

" Come in" I said.

Lucas came in and sit down beside me on the bed.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"No not really" I said bursting into tears.

"I'm sorry for this , I didn't know Marcus was coming." He said wiping my tears.

"Why did he come?" I said , letting out more tears.

"I don't know and I'll find out why" he said laying down and I putted my head on his chest.

We both fell asleep after. Letting Lauren and Niall control the party

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