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Pen Your Pride

Okay so i've realised that this story and 'Finally Said Yes' both have a party scene and a hospital scene. What can i say, it's good writes, but i need to spice it up so i sent Tanner and Harley to Japan and now i'm killing Dustin....... OKay not really, i'm pretty sure you'd all shoot me if i killed off Dustin so i wont. But something big needs to happen..... oh i just got the best idea.... ehehehehe enjoy! Pic of Memphis >>>> ( i don't know if i've used this one or not, i try and get new ones! And a song that signifies Memphis' pain)

Dustin's P.O.V

What was that? A buzzing? No, a beeping. There was a beeping noise in my ears. That was strange? There was also a feeling... something horrible. Fear? It seemed to cling to me and I shifted my weight, trying to get rid of it. The movement hurt me, pain clicking on in my brain and I winced. I snorted in frustration and told my eyelids to open because they were refusing.

“Dustin?” a voice called to me. Not a voice; the voice of god himself. Oh great, I was dead and god was speaking to me. Wait, why would I be dead? Horrible aching memories flowed through me then. A giant monster with purple fur crashing into the room. I was thrown aside. An angel was hit by the creature and I called for him. A witch chased after me with a knife. She'd hurt me, badly too. The angel had whispered to me begged me to be okay. Where was the angel now? I wanted to tell him I was okay. Well not okay, I was in pain and I was dead and now I was talking to god.

“God, where is my angel?” I asked, my voice sounded weak and soft and I didn't like that. Someone laughed, no, my angel laughed.

“I'm here babe,” the angel said. I felt his warm hand touch mine and my body was shocked with electricity.

“Oh good,” I murmured to my angel. “I wouldn't want to enter heaven without you.”

“Dustin, you're not in heaven,” my angel laughed.

“Well why the hell not? I deserve to go to heaven. I never did anything wrong” I whined. My angel laughed again, and so did others.

“Dustin sweetheart you're not dead,” a woman said.

“Mum?” I asked her and I felt her familiar soft hands touch my cheek. Her skin was cold.

“I'm here darling,” she said to me.

“Oh, that's good then,” I told her.

“Dad's here too,” my father said, chuckling.

“Well tell him I'm glad,” I said to my father and he laughed.

“Baby, open your eyes,” mum cooed.

“I've tried that, but my eyelids are disobeying my commands,” I huffed. Memphis leant down and kissed my cheek. Heat coursed through my blood and my heart beat after. The beeping in the room beat faster too and Memphis chuckled.

“I guess that's proof you love me,” Memphis said smugly. I pouted.

“You doubted it?” I asked him. He brushed his nose along my jaw.

“Of course not,” he said. The feel of him made me long for him and my eyes flew open because they too desperately wanted to look at his beautiful face. He was smiling softly down at me but I noticed there were dark bags under his eyes which were bloodshot from lack of sleep and tears. He looked pale, like he hadn't been outside in days. I glanced around the room, mum was beside me, dad at the end of my bed. They looked just as worn out as Memphis. Mum turned to dad and Memphis.

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