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Pen Your Pride

Name Calling

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Hehehehe ok here we go!

1) Idiot

2) Moron




6) Retard

7) Jerk

8) Dochebag

9) Air Head

10) Dick Head

11) Wanker

12) Dumb Ass

13) Asshole

14) Pedo

15) Clueless

16) Loser

17) Fool

18) Poser

20) Pile of Shit

21) Nerd

22) Weirdo

23) Stupid

24) Nigger

25) Ugly

26) Fugly

27) Dork

28) Fuck Face

29) Asswipe

30) Ass

31) Nimrod

32) Pedophile

33) Racist bastard

34) Epic fail

35) Fuck tard

36) Re-Re (short for retard)

37) (loving this one) Justin Bieber, (call any guy that and they get super peeved)

38) Major Douche

39) Buck Tooth

40) Alien

I have everyone that has commented for these added insults, some i may have not put up it was either because it was simular to one i already had or i simply forgot, -.- i know i know, i'm bad. BUT I LIKE ME THAT WAY!

If there are anymore that you think i should add to this list please tell me i will gladly add them!!

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