A Dozen Roses, A Box Of Chocolate, And A Bed Of Thorns

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I just reposted this with the title

It really is a romance but I wanted to show what she went through before they got together. Please at least read to the end.

I remember the day I was kidnapped clearly. I was 15 years old and my name was Jasmine (jaz) Drake. We had just moved to California. After a month I had become friends with.....agh, STEPHANIE. She said she was different. She told me she was trying to mainstream and be a 'human friendly' vampire. As if there is one. I snorted.

Humans and vampires never got along. About three years ago we made a truce but there have been breaches on both sides. Vampires have always seen us as property until our technology became so advanced that we could actually pose a threat to them. Because of this they came out and told the world about vampires, before they were found out so they could explain there side of the story. It shocked everyone and we battled. A lot of blood was shed on both sides. We were evenly matched. Then we formed the truce to save the whole world from being killed.

Stephanie told me to meet her at a club called "The Trap." Little did I know it actually was a trap. O, the irony.

The address led into an alley. When I got there looking for the club someone put a sack or bag over my face and I screamed, punched, and kicked. Then I felt someone punch me and HARD. I went dizzy and I could barely stand. The bag over my head suffocated me. I passed out.

When I woke up I was in a cell with 4 other girls. They all looked similar to me, Dark brown hair, blue eyes, curvy, and around 5'4. One of the girls was still passed out. She looked really pail.

It smelled horrendous I here. No that is an understatement; it was the worst smell ever. I was nocuous. It smelled like blood coated on dried blood coated on molded blood. When I breathed in, the metallic taste in the air had bit my tongue. I coughed and threw up.

When I was better I asked "what happened?" my voice was hoarse. One of the girls said "we were kidnapped by vampires and they are planning to do something with us but what I don't know. I think they separated us with other girls that look like us. They are sorting us for some reason, grouping us."

It was cold and there was rat's, spiders, and mold everywhere. Every five minutes you heard shrieks and screams, or even moans coming from down the corridor. I not dare look to see what was happening

A guard, well I assumed he was a guard, walked in and took a girl out of the cell across from us. He pushed her up against the wall. He had his way with her and she screamed and wailed the whole time. It was horrible and disgusting. Then he bit her and drank her blood.

He laughed and threw her back in the cell. She wasn't completely dead but she was bleeding very badly. I passed out from all of the gore and from understanding that I wasn't coming out of this a virgin or even alive.

They didn't feed us for 5 days. I knew I was going to die. Then they sent 5 loaves of bread and a pail of water to each cell. We had to take turns drinking the water and the bread was a bit moldy but it was food none-the-less. I ate every bit of it. This whole week I was both verbally, mentally, and physically harassed. The vampires that would walk by would make rude comments. I couldn't sleep for fear of being attacked.

One night a vampire came and pulled me out of the cell. He through me against the wall and I heard a sickening crack when my head jolted backwards. I let out a small whimper. He through his head back and his fangs retracted. Then his deadly mouth flew forwards and broke the flesh of my neck. I screamed but that only made him more aggressive. He tightened his jaw and I could feel his nose scrunch against the back of my neck. His pants were getting tighter and I was praying for this to be some sick twisted dream but it wasn't. when he pulled away he said "your lucky he saves a few otherwise I would have you right now." I didn't know what he was talking about but I knew I wasn't lucky.

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